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Third Reinstatement

If you wish to return to Boise State following a third dismissal, you will need to complete a Reinstatement Appeal. All appeal forms must be turned in prior to the first week of classes.

Third Reinstatement Appeal Process

  1. Schedule a 60-minute appointment with an Academic Development and Recovery (ADR) advisor on the Academic Development and Recovery webpage, or by calling (208) 426-4049.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your assigned major-specific advisor. Their contact information can be found in your Student Center.
  3. Complete and sign the Plan of Study form following your discussions with an ADR advisor and your major-specific advisor.
  4. Email the Plan of Study form, the Reinstatement Appeal Form, one page letter, and supporting documentation to

Letter Guidelines

Write a letter to the University Academic Appeals Committee (one page, single- or double-spaced, typed) that includes:

  • Date and student ID number
  • What you are requesting (immediate/early reinstatement)
  • Description of any extenuating circumstances and how they affected you and your academics
  • Explanation of how those circumstances have been resolved or are being resolved
  • Statement of your academic goals and plans
  • Signature


Include any documentation that relates to the circumstances you discussed in your letter. While not required, it is highly encouraged to include documentation if you have it. This might include:

  • Proof of doctor’s visits, hospital stays, etc. with dates
  • Obituary or funeral program
  • Police report
  • Letter from doctor, counselor or lawyer on official letter head
  • Military orders

If your appeal is approved, at the start of the semester, a Probation Advising Required Hold will appear on your Student Center. This hold will be removed following completion of the ACAD 102 course or three academic coaching sessions.