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Accessibility Statement

Boise State University acknowledges that the current version of YouCanBookMe is not accessible as of March, 2018. Boise State continues to work with the vendor to remediate the level of accessibility for their product, YouCanBookMe.

As an accommodation, a user can request assistance directly by calling the Advising and Academic Support Center at (208) 426-4049.  If using a screen reader accessible technology to book an advising appointment online, please note the following:

Available Appointment Times

  • When selecting an appointment time, the screen reader does not clearly specify available vs. unavailable appointment times. For available times the screen reader will say “…link….”

Confirming Your Appointment

  • Most actions will not be immediately confirmed while using the screen reader.  However, once
    the form has been submitted, a confirmation via e-mail will be sent to confirm the date, time, location, and advisor, if a specific individual is chosen.

Redundant Titles

  • Some of the titles may be redundant as the heading stays the same and will be read with the start of each new page while using the screen reader.

For assistance scheduling an appointment or questions, please call Advising and Academic
Support Center by calling (208) 426-4049