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UF 100 Advising and Student Success Resources

Supporting Your Success

Available Resources

We are here to help you develop and enhance your ability to be a successful Boise State student. Explore the sections below to find out more about some of the resources available to help you along your academic journey.

University Foundations Fellow Program

University Foundations Fellows are leaders who are assigned to a specific UF 100 theme and corresponding discussion sections to provide academic and social support for all students.

The Fellow works closely with the professor, supporting course content to foster academic success. Similar to a Learning Assistant, UF Fellows hold weekly sessions outside of class to facilitate active learning.  Additionally, the UF Fellow will serve as a peer mentor to all students in their UF 100 theme by communicating regularly throughout the semester, providing information on upcoming program events and campus resources. For more information around the UF Fellows program, please contact to be connected with the appropriate resources.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The UF Fellow Program has been paused for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. We will be exploring ways to continue our partnership with the UF 100 faculty and supporting the students as they transition into Boise State.  Please contact for any inquires you may have.

Available Academic Support Resources

We want you to be successful in all of your courses, not just UF 100. To that end, we’d like to share a few resources for you to take advantage of on your academic journey.

  • Faculty: Your professors are a great resource to help with course material and with developing as a student. Visit them during office hours (all faculty members are required to hold them) to:
    • Get help with questions or difficult concepts. Your professor is the subject matter expert and knows exactly what they are looking for on particular assignments. Ask for help to ensure that you accurately understand material, you can apply key concepts, and you are prepared for what comes next either in that class or a subsequent course.
    • Build a relationship with a person who can help you achieve your goals. Getting to know your professors and allowing them to get to know you better outside of class improves your chances of having research or internship opportunities as a student and of having someone who can write a strong letter of recommendation for you for graduate school or future employment.
  • Advisor: Your academic advisor can help with so much more that course sequencing and scheduling. Meet with your advisor to:
    • Make sure your path is aligned with your interests and abilities.
    • Find out more about things you can do outside of the classroom and campus resources you can utilize to help meet your goals.
  • UF Fellow: The UF Fellows are a great option to utilize throughout the semester.  They will be available to support you with:
    • Course content
    • Twice weekly Fellow initiated extended learning sessions
    • Connection to campus resources
  • Learning Assistants and Tutoring: Boise State offers in-person tutoring and learning assistant sessions as well as online tutoring for a variety of subjects. The cost of these services is included in your tuition and fees, so take advantage of the support available to you early and often.

StudentLingo Modules


Student with laptop celebrating next to Student Lingo logo

Boise State students have access to a series of free, interactive modules designed to explore several aspects of being a successful student. To access the modules, you will need to go to the Boise State StudentLingo page. The first time you visit the StudentLingo site, you will need to create an account using your Boise State email address. Available modules include:

  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Student
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Handling Failure In and Out of the Classroom
  • Exam Preparation Tips and Test-Taking Strategies
  • Study Tips and Note-Taking Strategies
  • Time Management: Strategies for Success
  • Reading Comprehension Strategies

Access StudentLingo Modules Here

  • How to Reduce Test Anxiety
  • The Difference Between High School and College
  • Improving Student-Faculty Relationships
  • How To Develop Your Cross-Cultural Skills
  • Online Courses: Staying Motivated and Disciplined
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Other Key to Academic Success
  • How To Succeed in Math