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Faculty Leave Without Pay

A faculty member may apply for a full or partial leave of absence without pay for up to one academic year at a time. Requests should be submitted prior to the start of the leave.  Contact your department chair for full details regarding faculty leave without pay.

Inform the Provost Office anytime leave without pay is approved.

Leave without pay beyond one year (extended leave) requires prior approval from the Provost.  The following serves as a quick reference for procedures to obtain Provost approval of extended leave without pay.

Before the Leave

The Dean submits a memo to the Provost with the following information:

  1. Reason for the leave and why it should be approved;
  2. Whether the faculty member will be on full or partial leave without pay;
  3. Describe how the applicant’s teaching, research and service obligations be distributed and funded. Information is to include the following:
    1. Teaching – enter percentage effort
      List of classes and describe how teaching duties will be handled and by whom;
    2. Research – enter percentage effort
      List research projects and describe how research duties will be handled and by whom;
    3. Service – enter percentage effort
      Name the services and describe how service duties will be handled and by whom;
    4. Provide the argument for person(s) replacing applicant.
  4. Confirmation that faculty member has signed a promise to return for the next academic year or has promised to provide a resignation letter on or before March 1st.

Upon the Provost’s approval, make necessary changes in payroll and include the Provost approval date in the comments section.

Maintaining Benefits

Contact the Benefits Office for more information about maintaining health care benefits while on a leave of absence without pay.

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