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Thrive: Resources for Mid-Career Faculty

Develop yourself as a teacher, scholar, and colleague. Find resources here for revitalizing your work, exploring leadership skills, becoming a more effective teacher and scholar, and navigating career transitions, as well as for enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Thriving in Your Role

Resources for Thriving as a Teacher

Resources for Thriving as a Colleague

Leadership Development

Programs to help faculty enhance leadership skills and explore pathways to future leadership roles. More coming soon!

Interested in attending an off-campus workshop or program to enhance your leadership abilities? Whether you’re interested in informal leadership within your department, college, school, or the university, or formal leadership as an administrator, you can apply for a matching grant to support your travel and enrollment costs: Academic Leadership & Professional Development Grant.

Leadership and Professional Development Opportunities at Boise State

Resources for Thriving as a Scholar

Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship

  • Explore the Aligning Stakeholders and Structures to Enable Research Transformation (ASSERT) faculty cohort program and other IFITS’ offerings tailored support to established and developing scholars, including grant consultations and faculty workshops.

Resources for Wellbeing

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