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Tenure and Promotion Process for 2022-2023

Two of the most important events in a faculty member’s career are the awarding of tenure and promotion in rank. The process by which tenure and promotions in rank are awarded reflects the very character of the University; both the University and its tenure and promotion process must be open, honest, and fair to all concerned parties in both fact and perception. This openness, honesty, and fairness influences faculty morale, the relationships of faculty members with students and colleagues, their perceptions of their roles in the University and broader community, and their perceptions of themselves. In turn, this defines the character of the University.


For the academic year 2022-2023, we will continue the digital submission process we used last year, but with a few small changes. In particular, this year Binder 1 is required to be in PDF format.

The feedback we received from last year’s process suggested that the PDF format be used Binder 1 because it was easier for deans, the Provost, and the President to navigate. However, candidates may still choose which format they would like to use for Binder 2 and any other supplemental documents (depending on whether their department/school/college prefers one format over the other).

    • Binder 1: Binder 1 will be submitted as a single PDF file with bookmarks for each required section. See Binder 1 & 2 PDF Instructions.
    • Binder 2 and other supplemental materials: Candidates may choose the format for these additional materials. Because these materials do not go beyond the college/school level, departments, schools, and colleges have the discretion to decide on the format for their own processes or to leave it up to the candidate to decide.
    • Simple email submission: Candidates will email their digital binders to their department T&P Coordinator (See Submission and Review Process).
    • Secure cloud storage and reviewer access on Google Drive: Once submitted, digital binders will be saved on a central Google Folder owned by the Provost’s Office (“Tenure & Promotion Binders”).
    • Workflow similar to hard-copy process: Administrative tasks for the submission and review process will be similar to those in the current hard-copy process.
  • Support: Drop-in sessions will be offered for faculty and staff to address questions about the process and preparation.

Complete guidelines, instructions, and timelines can be found in the Google Drive.


The chain of custody for the binders will be as follows:

  1. Department T&P Coordinator (one person should be the designee to manage all content)
  2. College/School T&P Coordinator (one person should be the designee to manage all content)
  3. Provost (the “Tenure & Promotion Binder” Google folder will be owned and managed by the Provost’s Office)
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