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Binder Format

Candidate’s Responsibilities

By September 15: submit Binder 1, Binder 2, and any Supplemental Materials to the department’s Tenure/Promotion Coordinator

Binder Format

For the academic year 2022-2023, we will continue the digital submission process we used last year: Binder 1 for both tenure-track/tenured and clinical faculty is required to be in PDF format. However, candidates may still choose which format they would like to use for Binder 2 and any other supplemental documents (depending on whether their department/school/college prefers one format over the other).

The candidate is responsible for organizing binder materials in the required formats and submitting the binders to the Tenure/Promotion Coordinator in their department/unit. If binders are not in the correct format, candidates will be contacted and expected to resubmit materials correctly.

Binder Format Guidelines

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