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Digital Binder Submission Process

Submission is a Two-Step Process

First, respond to the confidentiality agreement form to indicate your acceptance. Then the submission of digital binders for Promotion and/or Tenure is a two-step process:

  1. Create your digital binders by converting your materials to PDF (instructions included below).
  2. Email your binders to the T&P Coordinator in your department.

Once you’ve saved your binder(s) as a single PDF file, you will then attach it to an email and send them to the individual your department has designated the T&P Coordinator for this process.

  • Binder 1 (& 2, applicable) PDF: The candidate will email the PDF file of Binder 1 (and 2, if also in PDF format) to the T&P Coordinator in the department.
  • Binder 2 TOC Option: The candidate will email the TOCs for Binder 2 to the department’s T&P Coordinator.
    • The candidate may not retain ownership of the application files in Google Drive, however. The candidate must transfer ownership of the application materials to the T&P Coordinator (instructions are in the Guidelines for Linked TOC Binders in Google Docs). The coordinator will then remove the candidate’s access to those materials (including the TOCs).

The Coordinator will then upload your documents to the department’s Google Folder, which is within a larger folder for your college. That department folder is where the college/school committee(s) and the dean will review your binders. Your college folder is within the Provost’s Office folder, which is where the Provost and the President will review Binder 1.

At each step of the review process, access to your materials will be restricted according to those who need to view them at each stage in the process.