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University Curriculum Committee

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC) supervises all undergraduate offerings of the university, determining that curricular changes be compatible with existing programs, feasible under given circumstances, and consistent with the educational objectives of Boise State University under state and federal law.

UCC Deadlines

November 1: Deadline for submitting PROGRAM changes for the next catalog.
February 15: Deadline for submitting COURSE changes to be included for summer/fall continuing student registration.

GEC Deadlines

October 1: Fall Deadline
January 25: Spring Deadline

See the GEC website for details about the University Foundations curriculum.

Committee Membership

The University Curriculum Committee membership for 2020-2021 by college. The chair and point of contact for the committee is David Wilkins. You may also contact Mark Damm, Assistant Registrar, Catalog and Curriculum, Office of the Registrar, (208) 426-2870.

David Wilkins (Chair)College of Arts and Sciences, Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Ryan CannonCollege of Arts and Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Tim ChenowethCollege of Business and Economics
Michael HumphreyCollege of Education
Sondra MillerCollege of Engineering
Jane ShimonCollege of Health Sciences
Lane GillespieSchool of Public Service
Elaine WatsonUniversity Libraries
Mark DammOffice of the Registrar (Ex Officio)
TBDFaculty Senate (Ex Officio)

Committee Charges

Every committee should:

  1. Be constantly reexamining its own procedures and exploring problems to be brought to the attention of the Faculty Senate. Committees should not try to develop policies without first notifying the Senate of the broad outline of the problem under consideration
  2. Deal with all routine business
  3. Revisit/review all policies and procedures to see if any revisions are necessary. Also ensure that the web pages are up to date and reflect all current forms needed by the campus for curriculum change requests. This should include the review of the overall operating process of the committee and membership from representative colleges, among other items.