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Curriculum Change Requests

Undergraduate and graduate curriculum change requests seek to modify courses and requirements within existing majors and programs or to create new majors or programs. Creating or deleting majors and programs requires additional documentation required by Idaho’s State Board of Education, please see the Provost’s Office for direction before beginning the process to determine the appropriate procedure.

A curriculum change request (CCR) is required for the following to:

  • Create, suspend, or delete an existing certificate, emphasis, major, minor, option, or program
  • Create, delete, or change a program’s admission requirements*
  • Create, change, or delete a course or courses, including University Foundation courses
  • Add, remove, or change the requirements for a certificate, emphasis, major, minor, option, or program

Note: curriculum change requests must originate in the department, school, or college that owns the course or program.

All other changes that impact the printed or online catalog, such as faculty changes, department contact information updates, and revisions to the department or program statement, are not to be submitted to the committee. Instead, those changes are to be submitted to the Catalog Coordinators in the Registrar’s Office.

* It is a university requirement that a program’s admission requirements are to be listed in the catalog. It is recommended that these changes be submitted separately from other CCRs to expedite the approval process. The Provost’s Office will review these changes prior to going to committee.

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