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Example of e-portfolio

An e-Portfolio is one tool for becoming a more active, lifelong learner.

A portfolio is your space to  COLLECT ,  CONNECT , and  REFLECT  on your learning experiences here at Boise State. We encourage you to keep a learning portfolio because it can help you make learning goals, see connections between different courses, and understand your growth better. A portfolio is a place where you can articulate and understand your own story–and practice sharing that story with others.

    • COLLECT: Upload work from different courses, internships, jobs, or other experiences
    • CONNECT: Describe what you have learned. Showcase your accomplishments. Explain how different projects, courses, and experiences deepen the same skills or introduce entirely new ones.
    • REFLECT: Make sense of your progress and set or revise your learning goals.

Getting Started

In University Foundations courses, most students take three beginning steps in using an e-portfolio.

  1. Create or update a Blackboard Portfolio
  2. Add content as directed by their instructor
  3. Submit their portfolio

Step-By-Step: Create, Update, Submit

Ready to start making your first e-portfolio? Here are some instructions outlining the software steps UF 100 and UF 200 students are most commonly asked to take.

Step-by-Step Instructions for UF 100 and UF 200 Students

Additional Help

Need more help? Contact the help desk: 208-426-4357 or helpdesk@boisestate.edu. Or check out the resources below.

Printable Instructions

Printable PDF Instruction Sheets

Boise State Help Pages

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