Comprehensive Review

You have received the comprehensive review letter because you currently do not meet our automatic admission requirements.

Boise State University has a large number of extremely qualified candidates for admission. Due to the outstanding quality of our applicant pool, we select certain students and request additional information to supplement the academic information we have on hand.

This request allows us to learn more about you as a potential student and gauge your ability to be academically successful at Boise State.


How do I participate in the Comprehensive Review?

If you choose to participate in comprehensive review, you will need to provide the following to Admissions by February 15, 2019:

  1. Submit a Comprehensive Review Reflection
  2. Updated high school transcript showing courses and grades through your first semester of your senior year of high school. Transcripts should be sent to Admissions through one of the following methods:
    • Emailed from your high school as an attachment to
    • Mailed from your high school to:Boise State University Admissions
      1910 University Dr.
      Boise, ID 83725-1320
    • Sent by your high school as a secure PDF utilizing a secure delivery service such as Naviance or Parchment

Students who submit the Comprehensive Review Reflection and an updated transcript showing courses and grades through the first semester of senior year will receive an admission decision the week of March 1, 2019.

If I submit the requested materials before February 15th will I get an earlier decision?

No. Materials will not be reviewed until after February 15th. Decisions will be mailed the week of March 1st.

If I submit new ACT or SAT scores will they be considered?

Yes. If you submit higher ACT or SAT scores then we will review your admission decision to see if you now meet our automatic admission requirements.

If I choose not to submit the requested information will my application still be reviewed?

No. If you choose to not submit the Comprehensive Review Reflection and an updated transcript then you will not be admissible to Boise State as a degree seeking student.

What if I'm not admitted after a Comprehensive Review?

You do have the right to appeal a denied admission decision if you are not admitted and you feel you have extenuating circumstances that were not adequately explained during the comprehensive review process. You can also choose to attend as a part-time, non-degree-seeking student. More information regarding your options will be given in our follow up letter.