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We are here for you and will keep you updated as the university announces plans for welcoming students back to campus based on directives from public health officials and the CDC. Admissions will add questions and answers as we continue to make decisions about processes and approaches for both Fall 2020 and Spring/Fall 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions


I heard you held a town hall with COVID updates. Can we still access that content?

Yes, indeed. Head to our our Admissions YouTube channel to watch the entire hour-long town hall from May 19, 2020. A second town hall is being planned for August.

Admissions YouTube Channel

What is Boise State's response to Covid-19 at this time?

With guidance from public health experts, state and local government officials, and other subject matter experts, Boise State is phasing in a plan to safely scale back up to a fully open campus. Among other plans, this includes rolling out a strategy to offer lower-density, face-to-face classes on campus paired with robust online instructional capabilities, how the university will use diagnostic and antibody testing, contact tracing, personal protective equipment, quarantine protocols, and other infection mitigation strategies, and contingency plans in the event of a resurgence of COVID-19 cases during fall term. For full details, see Boise State’s central COVID-19 page.

What is the plan for course delivery for Fall 2020?

The university’s goal is to resume as many face-to-face courses this fall as we are able to with appropriate social distancing and enhanced cleaning protocols. We plan to welcome students to our classrooms and to on-campus housing with well-defined plans for preventing and mitigating surges of COVID-19 cases. Specific plans about safety protocol in on-campus housing, sporting events, and more will be announced by the University on May 25. For full details, see Boise State’s central COVID-19 page.

What is the current plan for Fall 2020 for students who choose to live on campus?

Plans for reopening student housing and minimizing the spread of COVID-19 among residential students and staff will be announced on May 25.


When is the last date we can move our starting semester to spring 2021?

Students wanting to move their admission to another semester are held to the same application and scholarship deadlines as first-time applicants. The spring 2021 application deadline is December 1. The Spring scholarship deadline is October 1.

I'm an Idaho resident who has not taken the SAT or ACT this spring. Can I still be considered for Fall 2020 admission?

If you were not able to take the SAT or ACT this spring and this is the final item required in order for you to be considered for Fall 2020 admission, email to request review of your Fall 2020 application without test scores. A member of the Admissions team will respond to let you know of any outstanding items required in order to complete this review. We’ll require a 7th semester high school transcript, and in some cases, a few short essay responses.

I was denied but I want to go through the petition process. Has anything changed? What if I am having difficulty getting an updated transcript at this time?

The petition process and dates remain the same. We will accept unofficial in-progress HS transcripts, including screenshots of posted grades online, for committee review.

I'm having problems getting my high school/college transcript since my school is closed. What should I do? Is it okay if it's past June 1?

Admissions plans to accept applications and materials until August 1. Students who are unable to get us an official transcript needed to complete their application should notify Admissions so that we can complete the review with an unofficial copy (e.g. downloaded from powerschool, etc.). In that same spirit, Admissions will not be requiring final high school (showing proof of graduation) and college transcripts until fall 2020.

Our school has canceled all IB credit testing. What is the plan for Boise state to accept IB credits for incoming Fall 2020 students?

The IB Programme will be giving a score to each student in spring 2020 based on materials submitted by the student’s school as well as a few other measures. Boise State will use these scores to award equivalent college credit.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

I missed the February 15 scholarship deadline because I was going out-of-state; however, due to the current state my family wants me to stay closer to home. Can I be considered for scholarships?

Students with unexpected circumstances due to Covid-19 that may have impacted scholarship eligibility can appeal by contacting the Scholarships Office. A limited number of exceptions may be made. Email with a request to appeal and any relevant information.

What if my school district issues pass/fail grades for spring 2020 semester? Will that impact my offer of admission, or my scholarship?

Unless you are no longer graduating high school, your offer of admission and any scholarships you’ve been offered will remain unchanged.

Since the outbreak our finances have taken a big hit and we are not financially in the same place. Who can we speak to about this?

We encourage you to visit the Financial Aid Changes in Finances page to request a meeting with a Financial Aid Counselor. If your change in income is significant, you may qualify for reassessment of your aid offer. Learn more at our Changes in Finances page.

Orientation, Advising and Registration

Are you going to offer online orientation for students starting this fall? How do I sign up for that now?

Virtual Orientation for new students will happen in June, July and August. Register through New Student Orientation.