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Congratulations on being recognized as a 2021 Boise State Capital Scholar! You have been recognized as being in the top ten percent of students in your high school class, making you a Capital Scholar.  Boise State University is proud to recognize and celebrate your academic achievements.

Bronco Day 2021

This year, the Boise State Capital Scholars are asked to attend our virtual 2021 Bronco Day event! Come explore the abundant student opportunities, experience our vibrant campus life and learn about how to take advantage of the adventure that is Boise State.

Register for Bronco Day 2021
Showing you around; keeping us all safe.

Virtual Visits

We know that Capital Scholars come from all parts of Idaho, which makes it a little harder for some of you to visit our campus. We provide different virtual visits opportunities so you can virtually explore the aspects of Boise State that you’re most interested in!

Scholarship Opportunities

We are excited to award our Capital Scholars the opportunity to receive a one-time $500 textbook scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must attend our Virtual Bronco Day Event on March 27th and choose to enroll at Boise State the semester following your high school graduation. The award can be put towards textbooks and supplies at the Boise State Bookstore. Congratulations!

Social Media Recognition

Becoming a Capital Scholar is a great achievement that we want to celebrate! Once you register for Bronco Day, you will receive an email asking you to submit a picture of yourself and answer a few questions.  On Bronco Day we will shout you out on our social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the program to be awarded the Capital Scholars scholarship?

Yes.  Students receiving this honor must attend the entire program in order to receive the scholarship.

If I'm unable to attend the program, will I still be considered a Boise State Capital Scholar?

Yes.  You will still be considered a Boise State Capital Scholar, which is an achievement that you can add to your college applications, resumes, etc.  Do note that in order to receive the Capital Scholars scholarship, you must attend the entire program.

What if I cannot make it to the Virtual Bronco Day Event?

If you are unable to attend our Virtual Bronco Day Event, you will still be considered a Capital Scholar which is something that you can list on resumes or job applications! Please note that attendance to Bronco Day is mandatory to receive the $500 scholarship.

What is Bronco Day?

Bronco Day is our annual showcase of Boise State University! This virtual event will give you a glimpse at what life as a Bronco could be like.

What else do I need to do to receive the scholarship?

1. Sign up for Bronco Day
2. Fill out the form that will be emailed to you so we can formally recognize your achievements on our social media!
3. Attend Bronco Day on March 27th at 10 a.m. MT
4. Submit your Intent to Enroll and attend Boise State University the semester following your high school graduation.