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Administrative Council Meeting: December 2019

Meeting Date

December 10, 2019

HSRV 101, 2:00-3:30pm

Facilitator:  Dr. Bob Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Shimon, Joie Burns, Joe Coyle, Jen Eichmeyer, Kelsey Nelson, Kristy Grabert

Call to Order

Committee reports:

Faculty Affairs: none

  • Joie reported from Travis that group has not met yet.
  • The School will have our members convene beginning next semester.
    • Communications: HOSA Conference (Wed, Apr 15th)
  • The School will take leadership on this event; meeting with Samantha Davis to get more details

New Business

  • Innovative successes (dean is asking to move up date if possible)
  • Bob asks that Department Chairs try to report back with one or two items before break and send to Robert Sundquist, Tim Dunnagan, and Bob Wood.
  • Evaluation season (see Policy 4290)
    • faculty updates dues by Feb 1
    • report to faculty by March 1
    • report to director/dean by April 15
    • CEC ratings
    • Will have David Weaver come in and do a in-service on Faculty 180 for faculty reports
  •   Spotlight Award Nominees
  • Joe – Nominated Lonny Ashworth for Research; All accepted
  • Jane – Will try to get a nomination before Winter break. We will vet that electronically.
  •   Strategic Plan
  • Unification
    • Curricular – Courses, Emphasis in Bachelor of Applied Science Program, Suggestions for existing/new courses were made to include evidence-based medicine and intro to Radiology, Jane suggested 3D program where we combined minors.
    • Potentially put together a job description for a shared Admin
    • Need for grad admissions liaison was addressed, but this is not simply an administrative issue. There are some policy concerns that must be addressed.
    • Communication
    • Decided we would not have our own advisory board, but we will do an advisory summit possibly during Research Conference. We will recognize board at that time.
  • Misc
    • Bob mentioned potential to start an Alpha Eta Honors Society

Old Business

Follow-up from recruiting event

    • Dept Chairs all seem to have a follow up plan with students

Interdisciplinary curriculum (degree completion emphasis in BS in Applied Science)

    • See Strategic Plan notes
    • SoAHS Research Conference (Thur, Feb 27th)
      • Chairs were asked to promote the events with faculty, students, and community partners
    • Undergraduate student research fair (Fri, Apr 17th)
      • Chairs are asked to promote this event to their faculty and students as well.
      • The School will help with purchasing posters for students if they use the library


Action Items

  • Innovative Successes – Dept Chairs try to report back with one or two items and send to Robert Sundquist, Tim Dunnagan, and Bob Wood. Due before break if possible
  • Spotlight Nominees – Dept Chairs Due before break if possible
  • SoAHS Research Conference – Dept Chairs promote event with Faculty, Students, and  Community Partners
  • Undergraduate Student Research Fair – Dept Chairs promote event with Faculty and Students