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Administrative Council Meeting: March 2019

Meeting Date

March 8, 2019

Call to Order


  • RESP – Site visit for accreditation; 0 citations!
  • RADSCI – Applications interviews on-going. Ultrasound next friday, then CT, then MRI. Looking to see full cohorts next fall. Recruiting for 2 faculty – deadline Mar 24.
  • CEH –  3 candidates for EOHS search. 1 is in Australia – highly motivated! MPH – 3 new concentrations approved through graduate council. Started a learning resource site with ability for continuing education. Looking for people interested in teaching distancing learning. Getting ready to have up and running!
  • GENCO – Halfway done with interviews/admissions. Excellent candidates!
  • KIN – N/A
  • Spotlight 3/14 – need a title from Leslie. Collaborative Research with St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic. Yong Goa putting off until next fall.
  • Bronco Day 4/6 – Trying to capture both faculty and students that would be there, on two different spreadsheets.
  • High School Science 4/13 – Bob got a request from local school regarding Anatomy (Kin?). Putting out one last blast (forwarding email) to see if there is interest in anyone presenting.
  • Pangrazi 4/15 – Monday night presentation – toward school based programs. Community wide event – encourage students to go.
  • UGRC 4/15 – Research fair – 16 from the college!
  • Luncheon 4/16 – invite only.


  • Met with Faculty Affairs Committee (formerly T&P Committee) to clarify with faculty around process. Would like to create guidelines with faculty from different units. (Ex. How do we evaluate teaching?)
  • School Ad-hoc PR – Add building name to website for Building Update
  • Policy Committee
    1. Who will vote on it? – It’s nice to have a policy voted on by those who will be using/whom are affected by it (Lutana) Word it that those affected by change of policy have ability to vote (Leslie)
    2. Complete policy prior to building flow chart (John)

Old Business

  • BB2 Process Update – College is down $117,000  (We thought we were up). Our concerns are date – methods and data changes so frequently. Messes things up.
    • Metrics: Program level
      • Dept-wide data tab on Department Analytics Report Fall is extremely helpful. What metrics are useful for a model? Program-specific pressure points? 

New Business

  • F&A/Salary Savings – Read draft and notify Bob of any concerns
    • Centers to convene
      1. Would like to see centers operate like centers
      2. Meeting at the end of March to establish goals of the centers (cores). How are we going to develop core activities?

Other Items

  • N/A