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Administrative Council Meeting December 2018

Call to Order

In Attendance

  • Robert Wood, Director
  • Kristy Grabert, Admin
  • Lillian Smith, CEH
  • John McChesney, KIN
  • Jennifer Eichmeyer, GEN CO
  • Joie Burns, RAD SCI
  • Lutana Haan, RESP CARE

Approval of Minutes (NA)


Department announcements

  • RESPCARE – Did very well at recent event. 4 Awards, 6 Presentations
  • RADSCI – Erica Wight is resigning as of 29-Dec. Will need a new chair.
  • KIN –  Mourning the passing of recent grad. Searching for Biomedical Engineer.
  • GENCO – 160 applications so far in different stages – 26 in stage 5.
    • Next Steps for BB 2 FY_2.0 process
    • Bob will be scheduling one-on-ones prior to meeting with VP of Budget on 1-Feb.
    • Dates have been sent out for presentations, meetings, workshops (please encourage faculty to attend).
  • Feb 15th School-wide meeting (Farnsworth Room)
  • This will also include Spotlight in Teaching by Samantha Davis, with a social immediately following
    • April 15th UGRC (10-2) and Bob Pangrazi (7pm)
  • Same date as Undergrad Research Conference
    • Evaluation of Adjuncts
  • Standardize
    • College Bylaws
  • Defining different department roles
  • Departments will be asked to give feedback (mid-January)
  • Will then conduct a formal vote


    • School T&P Committee
  • In agreeance, Bob will call the question for a vote in January after break
    • School ad-hoc Policy Committee
  • 2 groups: Faculty and Administrative
  • Faculty commissioned to complete a draft in Spring
  • Call the question in Fall
    • School ad-hoc PR/Communications Committee
  • Consists of Bob and Kristy
    • Website / Branding
    • Jan 30th Spring Recruiting event
  • Booking @SUB near Bronco Zone from 10am – 2pm
  • Looking for interested Students, Student Organizations, Faculty, Staff to participate in representing school
  • Would like to include active learning equipment within departments
  • Department specific materials, swag, etc. Bookmarks were suggested
  • Would like to create a contact sheet for students to leave their contact info if interested
  • John suggested having a Peer Advisor there

Old Business

  • Follow-up on Metrics (data mining)
  • Met with Kirk Ketelsen. Still a work in progress, but a high priority.
    • Zoom capability of HSR 101 (work with Kristy)
  • Video hardware has been purchased already, but see Kristy if any other items need to be purchased for conference room.
  • Jen would like to get Susie access to HSR101 Conference room calendar.

New Business

  • Discussion of faculty evaluation process (for my edification)
    • Lillian has a process flow chart for this
  • Dictated by state, 3 step process
  • Lot of issues last year with report not lining up with CEC
    • Discussion about role of School in T&P
  • Bob wants to create guidelines that Chairs and Faculty can look to. Would like input.
    • Awards for Adjuncts
  • There is a desire to recognize adjuncts at College Level
  • Need ideas in the next couple of months
  • Lillian – How are we engaging with adjuncts rather than just giving them awards
  • John – Recognize each adjunct, not necessarily an award. Maybe a Letter, Certificate, Email Newsletter? (See Theresa F.)

Other items (All)


Action Items

    • February 15th: School-wide Meeting, Spotlight on Teaching with Samantha Davis
    • Prior to January 30th: Spring Recruiting Event
      • Submit suggestions for Students, Student Organizations, Faculty, Staff to participate in representing school
      • Notify directors office if you would like to include any active learning equipment 
      • Submit any department specific materials, swag, etc. for event to directors office
  • Discussion about role of School in T&P. Would like input. 
  • Awards for Adjuncts: Need ideas in the next couple of months.