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Administrative Council Meeting: November 2018

Meeting Date

November 9th, 2018

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes


  • Department Announcements (All)

    • Adopt-A-Student nominees to Dean’s Office by November 15th
    • “Good News” Items to Director’s Office by November 16th
    • Early Career Workshop on Workload and Allocation of Effort (November 15th, 2 P.M. Boyington)
    • SAHS Spotlight Series
      • Departmental Presentations
      • Invited Lecture:
        • Spring 2019: Dr. Robert Pangrazi, Faculty Emeritus, Arizona State University
          • Looking at week of April 15th
        • Call for 2020

Old Business

  • BB_2_FY_20 requests, process, presentations (All)
  • Update on possible metrics (data mining)
  • Date for Spring Student Recruiting
  • Follow-up on Zoom capability of HSR 101

New Business

  • Disposition on IPE proposal
  • Basis of Authority and School Policy Committee
  • Proposal from T&P Committee
  • Discussion of Strategic Plans and timetable for School Plan
    • Updates on any strategic plans you may be working with (all)
    • Timetable for School Plan
  • Changes in GA allocation at College level; perspectives and suggestions (all)
  • Market Analysis Discussion
Other items (All)