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Administrative Council Meeting: September 2018

Meeting Date

September 14th, 2018

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes



  • School Admin Assistant (Kirsty Grabert) start date: 10/09/2018
  • Department Announcements (All)
  • SAHS Distinguished Lecture Series (All)
  • Process for requesting Faculty Lines

Committee Reports

    • T&P Committee (Composition, Timetable: Bob)
    • Discussion of T&P Committee (All)

Old Business

  • Debrief on BB2 Presentations (All)
  • Debrief on Course Fee Requests (All)
  • Discussion on 2017 SAHS Workload Policy (All)

New Business

  • Faculty Governance Structures (All)
    • Faculty Senate draft of Department Chair selection process
    • Selection process of other leaders (School Director, Program Directors)
    • Job descriptions of leaders (School Director, Chairs, Program Directors)
    • Evaluation process for leaders (School Director, Chairs)
  • School-wide meeting (followed by Social(?)

Other Items