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Administrative Council Meeting: October 2019

Meeting Dates

October 14, 2019

SUB Brink Room 2:00-3:30pm

Meeting Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jaime Sand, Jane Shimon, Joe Coyle, Joie Burns, Kelsey Nelson, Kristy Grabert, Lillian Smith, Phillip Ford

Absent:  Jen Eichmeyer


Call to Order

Welcome and Announcements

  • Welcome guests: Jaime Sand (CEH); Phil Ford (KINES/IPE).

Department Announcements


Committee Updates

Faculty affairs have been contacted to participate in College Governance

    • Bob – hasn’t heard anything further

Policy committee will be given a minor policy change request before end of month

    • Minor wording change submitted to Policy Committee

Communications Updates

Kristy – Met with Danya on to discuss liaisons & a Communications Summit

  1. Danya can create an active communications liaison list to house on the COH website, and potentially the SAHS website
  2. Danya and Lutana are working on a Communications Summit already at the College level – can combine efforts here
  3. Danya will be sending out a survey to everyone on her Communications list to collect data, then will schedule a group meeting with liaisons to discuss results.
  4. Danya will write up something to share with our faculty for our School Newsletter with results.

New Business

    1. IPE and Finishing Foundations discussion (Phil Ford & Jaime Sand; 20 mins)
      • Phil – There would be 2 or more finishing foundation courses for the School. 400 Course – goes back to strategic planning in 2010, developed in 2011. Since being in IPE roles in 2017, it has been a point of discussion. He’s been putting a timeline together, but no concrete solution to that specific course.
        1. Challenges: 1 credit course. Pass/fail course. Interprofessional/interdisciplinary mix. Talking tomorrow with directors on where they should go next with course.
        2.  Summary: going back to how course was originally developed; 2.0. Shape a new version of course or file it away and start fresh.
      • Joe – “Have you talked with RESP? Everything you described describes RESP. From our perspective, you may want to go a different direction than that course.”
      • Phil – That’s been the general feedback that it may not meet the students’ needs. But it’s hard to make one course meet the needs of so many student groups.
      • Bob – Ideas on things that might be considered? Imbed IPE?
      • Joie – There is natural tension here because it should be within the discipline. Vote for more interdisciplinary at lower levels.
      • Jane – GEC is working on a launch that is program specific. Will send to Phil, it may help.
      • Bob – What is the major theme of the course?
      • Jaime – Original draft is just around communication and teamwork, not IPE. But it is a natural fit.
    2. Call for nominations for Research Conference Committee
      • Date: February 27th
      • Bob – Is this something we should create a committee for?
      • Lillian – If so, suggest Megan Smith and Sarah Toevs, and Lizzy/Chelsea to work directly with Kristy
      • Joe – Ryan Forbush possibly
      • Joie – Nathalie is not on any committees yet. May be a good fit.
      • Jane – Would rather not suggest anyone until she speaks with her department, but she has a couple people in mind.
      • Bob – We don’t necessarily have to have a faculty from each dept. Committee could decide abstracts. Can be a little or a lot of work, depending on how we want to approach it. Would like to have a list of contacts by 10/21 so he can reach out to them

Old Business

Med Science Minor (5 mins)

    • Sent out 2 weeks ago
    • If you don’t want your courses included or would like additional courses included, please let him know soon.
    • Lillian – When talking with Mark in Registrar’s office about having a minor, there were several concerns that came up. Curious about how advisors will be handling. Hidden Prerequisites? Why wouldn’t it be called a minor in Allied Health Sciences? Would it be better in KIN or MDS program? Would this upset people in ISU or UI?
    • Bob – The point is to give people the opportunity to get these experiences. We’ll think about it and put in the request for the new courses for now. We don’t want the courses to get held up because the minor gets held up. Maybe should be 2 proposals.
  1. Recruiting event. (10 mins)
    • Kristy to provide schedule/ update on materials and swag
      1. Schedule – Handout
      2. Swag
        1. Kristy has reached out to dept admins to coordinate items
        2. Please have swag items in by 10/28
    • Departments to report out on staffing plans
      1. Still need responses from CEH and KIN
      2. Department tour locations:
        1. CEH – maybe Asthma at HSRV; location TBD
        2. KIN – HPL
        3. RAD –  HSRV
        4. RESP – HSRV labs
    • Bronco Budget 2 preparation: Department Metrics. (20 mins)
    • We have not gotten any info about what is expected of us for this process until today. Bob was going off last year’s schedule.
    • Come November, dept heads will need to complete a proposal for the next year.
      1. Joe – Went through a redesign of clinicals last year. Will need adjunct support for clinical instructors.
      2. Joie – Will ask for a ½ time clerical staff.
      3. Bob – Should we get an admin for the school to support department clerical items? Or would that be cumbersome?
      4. Lillian – Need instructors.
      5. Jane – GA’s are needed because they are using theirs to support other areas. Having college support Phil’s position to free up abundance of adjuncts.
      6. Bob – Asking Dean for Raptor building as part of our 2-year plan, and Norco 2 on our 8-year plan.
    • Spotlight Award Criteria (10 mins)
    • Will circulate over the next week or two

Other Items

  • November meeting to include update on Strategic Plan


Action Items

  • Nominations for Research Conference Committee. DUE 10/21
  • Med Science Minor: If you don’t want your courses included or would like additional courses included, please let Bob know soon. DUE TBD
  • Dept Swag for 11/1 Recruiting Event. DUE 10/28
  • Dept Staffing for 11/1 Recruiting Event. DUE TBD