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Executive Council Meeting: April 2020

Meeting Date

April 4, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator: Bob  Wood, Director

In Attendance: Jane Shimon, Jen Eichmeyer, Joe Coyle, Joie Burns, Megan Koster, Danya Lusk


Update on “essential” duties

Campus policies

  • ACTION: Bob will send out a COOP form for you all to fill out if you have individuals that need to be listed as “essential”
  • If you have essential employees that need to access the buildings, they will need to log visits in the Building Access Calendar (more to come)

Telecommuting forms

  • Fill out and submit if you have not already ACTION DUE: NOW

College guidance

  • If faculty are not working on essential research, please hold off
  • Research requiring regular follow-ups with deliverables, those should continue.
  • If you have questions on whether research is essential, please reach out to Bob or Ella Christiansen.


  • Timetable should be the same.
  • ACTION DUE: Get names into Joelle Powers if you have people up for promotion and tenure.


  • If you order items in, please track them. Call Central Receiving if it looks like they’ve arrived.
  • Do not accept packages that are not for you or in your immediate workspace. Issues have come up where refrigerated items have been received incorrectly and left out.

Bronco Day (Danya)

  • Saturday April 25th
  • 11:30, 12:30, 1:30
  • Bob – Provide 20-50 min presentation to deliver at each time slot.
  • Danya – They can be 30 or 50 min and offered at least twice, but no more than 3 times. Idea is to give students ability to attend more than one, so these Zooms will happen concurrently during each session. Advising will have sessions; Tina is doing KIN (for Advising). Tina wanted to ask Nic to jump in and then do breakout sessions. There will be an Advising session for everyone’s programs. Dept Zooms would be different from Advising’s. The sessions will most likely be held on and accessed through the University’s page. Depts can each have their own sessions. How you deliver your session is up to your dept.
  • KIN – Phil is doing a Zoom with PowerPoint (if needed). Not sure if he’s doing it at 3 separate times. Sean is wanting to do HPL PowerPoint slides. (Jane)
  • RADSCI – PowerPoint about dept and programs (that usually plays at Bronco Day) with a live faculty question opportunity. PP is about 30 min, without questions. (Joie)
  • RESP – No plans yet, but have blocked time out. Doesn’t want to be redundant. Thinks he can get message out in shorter than 30 min. More than likely standard presentation with link to their program website. (Joe)
  • School – Can do an overall Zoom session
  • Suggestions – Maybe each dept and the school can do a pre-recorded session/PowerPoint to deliver, then be available live (Zoom) to answer questions. (Joe)
  • ACTION: DUE END OF DAY, 4/3 Send time slot you’d like, length of your session, and primary host who will be hosting to Danya. The rest of the info the University is requesting, Danya can fill out for you. Can be revised next week.

Graduation Plans?

  • Bob – Plans for virtual ceremonies?
  • RAD and KIN – none at this time
  • RAD usually does a dinner, but that is cancelled. Considering doing something small digitally for under 100 participants.
  • University considering a digital option with Zoom and YouTube capabilities.
  • Bob can send out info on how to do this sort of thing for departments.

Mitigation of Practical/ Field Work

  • Response to St. Luke’s
    • St. Luke’s shut down clinicals through end of June.
  • Update from College
    • For protocols to bring students on to campus to do testing, COVID and protective gear may be ready by June. Dean asks everyone to write up a proposal. Would like to do something this Summer to get Students finished up.
  • Summer School
  • GENCO – Impacts their student’s graduation. If we can get them started by end of June, may be able to salvage. If close clinicals through end of Summer…not sure what to do. Would like to follow up. Trying to get St. Lukes to approve them as an exception. (Jen)

BAS (Bachelor of Applied Studies; Approved Major

  • Thinking of doing a cluster, so does not need additional approval unless creating new classes.
  • Joie – How is a cluster different from a minor? Doesn’t have any type  of credential to it; not listed on your transcript. Just to give students an area of emphasis that want to finish a degree.
  • Would be wonderful if depts could submit a list of classes for students to choose from.
    • RADSCI – RADSCI 330 and 430 may be able to be included.
  • Bob – What ideas do you all have on how we can position ourselves to facilitate enrollment and energy into our disciplines?
    • Joe – Difficult time to consider when we’re struggling to take care of our current students. Was considering this earlier this year, but now not sure if it is doable.
    • Bob – Might be able to take advantage of this time since most of us are already trying to convert to digital. Don’t want to put more on your plate, but would like to leverage what we’re already doing to our benefit.

Online Development/ Marketing

  • Bob – If you have ideas on how we can get the message out that your programs (and Boise State) are not closed, we’re simply transitioning what we offer to online, reach out to Danya.
  • Lutana has asked for faculty and students’ stories.
    • RESP – Joe and Lonny are working on something that they can send at some point. He’s been in touch with Lu about it.


  • Jane – If faculty bi-annual review protocols will change, they will need to discuss more regarding tenure.
  • Jen – Meeting on Tuesday needs to be updated with Zoom
  • Joe – Couple of students that have petitioned to grad early to get out in the workforce. Everyone is doing well. Faculty position is hopeful that will be filled, but still in process.
  • Kristy – Link to Covid19 Projections site: