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Executive Council Meeting: August 2020

Meeting Date

August 13, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Shimon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joie Burns, Kristy Grabert, Megan Koster, Phil Ford

Not in Attendance:  Mary Crowell

Handouts:  May 21 Meeting Minutes, August 13 Meeting Agenda, COHS Committees 2020-21, COHS Communications Task Force Contact List, COHS COVID Disclaimer, FY21 SAHS Committees, School of Allied Health Sciences Strategic Plan

  • Welcome and introductions to guests and new members.
  • May Minutes Approved
  • High School Day Brainstorming
    • Jane – bi-weekly sessions; we set the time (afterschool) and invite students
    • Joie – pre-recorded video option of each lab with faculty available to Q&A
    • Megan – they have promo videos available to use, but would like to do virtual sessions with faculty. Availability depends on the faculty, but Fridays possibly the best.
    • Jen – may not have the capacity, but possibly can do short pre-recorded videos – approx. 10 min.
    • Advising – live stream with emphasis on pre-professional and Q&A

Updates/ Announcements

  • Updates from Chairs and concerns or other needs related to reintegration plans (including plans for instruction, research and public-service activities, and student organization activities).
    • Bob – Field research and traveling by car does not require approval unless >100 miles; approval form has not changed.
    • Jane – Clinical placements – Not sure how to navigate
      • Jen – Use My Clinical Exchange (MCE). Their IT dept is very responsive.
      • Joie – Set them up with MCE. There is a semester by semester charge. Background check is separate (Castlebranch.) Students do not have to be fingerprinted. Students can upload all of their own stuff. Work with the facility and MCE to identify what is needed and make a request to the facility with how many students you want to place.Jane
    • Jane – FOM – getting all equipment  (dispensers, etc) and signage updated
    • Joie – Classrooms assigned to and their formats do not fit their student count (28); HSRV 212 and 211 only hold 16
      • Bob – We can make our office suite (HSRV 200) available if necessary
    • Megan – Same as Joie, frustrating that classroom capacity does not meet needs. Will be using HSRV 208 and 201 for now, using streaming and splitting cohorts. Concerned about lab and clinical accessibility. SIM lab is still going into 205; currently wiring. Hopefully up and running Spring 2021. Requirements for students to be in and out of the building.
      • Kristy – Safety is working up building plans that will clarify flow of foot traffic and where students are/are not allowed to gather.
      • Bob – Everyone should be responsible for keeping their peers accountable for wearing masks/social distancing
  • Updates from Chairs about issues related to clinical placements
  • Updates from Director and Chairs about changes in degree programs or new program proposals
    • PhD in Health Sciences
      • Bob – You’ll be hearing from me soon, I would like to meet at a faculty meeting with you, if you’ll invite me. Need to know who would like to participate.
    • BS Emphases in Kinesiology
      • Jane – University using a new system for curriculum. Committee will be receiving pieces of things online. Have patience. Anyone in dept. can submit on this site; Chairs may want to delegate responsibilities. 1-2 people in dept should be responsible for uploading curriculum changes. Only thing the same is a degree box can be submitted as a Word doc, everything else has changed. Bob and Mary will be included as well. Queries will go back to the person who wrote it. Will be time consuming initially. Will be putting together directions soon.
      • Bob – Maybe list Program Directors; give that some thought. Decide within depts, but prefer no lower than Program Director.
    • Specialist in RT Advanced Care
      • Megan – PRT/mid-level practitioner degree. How will we navigate clinicals? Opportunities to do it as a specialist degree rather than a masters. Still in the works.
      • Bob – Specialist coursework could be an emphasis degree area in Health Science.
    • BS in Interventional Radiology
      • Joie – Course description and titles have been written; waiting on budget pages.
      • Bob – Feedback is that it doesn’t matter how slow we move, we just don’t want to lose momentum.
    • Cluster for the BAS
      • Bob – Stopped on cluster for BAS, but maybe write up classes we’d like to include on that cluster during the next meeting.
  • Progress on School Strategic Plan (We will not work on this today, but will in September)
    • Yellow items – working on
    • Green items – those with progress/done
    • Graduate Council for the College – working with Jo Powers to get things streamlined.
  • Update on the budget situation du-jour
    • Asked to plan for a 10% budget cut. Dean thinks our college can do this without cutting programs or people and has made a commitment to our people.
    • Joie – Any word on new furloughs?
      • Bob – not yet, but anticipate an email since announcement of football season cancelled. Did say grad assistantships should stay funded.

New Business

  • Program Prioritization and DAR process.
    • Flagged Programs
      • Memo as a result with data/metrics. Flagging programs based on data – if graduating less than 10 people per year. Bob contacted the one program that was flagged. Dean stated if we get to a point where they are cutting 20% of budget, we may then look to programs.
    • Programs with zero enrollment (should we eliminate???)
      • Some programs have 0 enrollments with 0 resources spent, may be asked to discontinue.
  • College Committee Assignments and reporting structure. (see attached)
  • School Committees (see attached)
  • T&P
    • No change in T&P process/calendar.
    • Individual accommodations can be made to extend time clock with permission of the dean and provost for any pre-tenure faculty member whose work has been negatively affected by COVID-19.
      • External reviews should be requested soon and recommend the due date of September 15th.
      • Due to College with departmental committee and chair recommendations by October 15th.
  • Biennial reviews: need a stronger culture of review
    • For pre-tenure, but can apply to anyone
    • Very little detail in professional development currently; strongly encourage to add this type of feedback.

Old Business

  • Upcoming deadlines:  Allocation of Effort, Course Fee Expense Reports.
    • Bob has reached out to Alexis about upcoming deadlines, but go ahead and take a look at last years and be prepared for any changes.
  • Future agenda items: Strategic Plan; Evaluation of Teaching and Learning