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Executive Council Meeting: August 2022

Meeting Date

August 23, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Bob Wood

Attendees:  Leslie Kendrick, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Lynda Ransdell, Megan Koster, Tina Freeman, Olga Tobenas-Salinas

Guests:  Hayley Miller

  • Introductions and welcome to Hayley Miller, Director of Development, COHS.
  • Approval of minutes from July 18, 2022. APPROVED


  • Welcome Back BBQ is this Thursday (8/25) – 12:30-2:30 outside of Norco
  • Grosz Lecture (9/14) – See emails from Heather Jauregui; please promote among faculty and students, and ask them to promote as well. Also helpful to include as a powerpoint during class time. Lecture will be recorded and available for 30 days for online students (more to come).
  • Neuroscience meeting on 9/27 RSVP coming soon – Goal is to develop undergraduate interdisciplinary curricula with Biology, Psychology, Special Ed, Business, Arts, etc. There will be a Keynote speaker as well as breakout sessions, followed by refreshments.  Please RSVP. There is a target audience, but please forward to those you feel would be interested, community included. If faculty would like to meet with Keynote speaker privately, please forward those requests to Bob. 
  • Spotlight Award and Friends of Department nominations due in October – Spotlight and Staff nominations come from Chair, but anyone can make a nomination for the Friend Award, and are due by the October meeting. Please nominate 1-2 individuals for special recognition for scholarship, teaching, or service. We try to represent all units. Awards: Spotlight on Teaching, Spotlight on Research, Spotlight on Service, Spotlight on Innovation (New!), Friends of the School Award (as needed), Staff Award.  SAHS Award Recipient Shared Doc.  SAHS Award Recipient Webpage.
  • Academic Leaders Meetings resume – Next meeting is 9/6
  • Plan for Graduate Program (name)  position for Tina Freeman – Shifted responsibilities to be supportive of the grad program. Started training on Slate and getting permission setup. Would like to use MAL as her model and then reach into MAT, MSK, MK. Once those are figured out, she would like to extend reach to Leslie (RADSCI) and Megan (RESP). Timeline: Mid-October hopefully can begin offering assistance. Tentatively, her position is titled “Graduate Program Coordinator” barring any restrictions with accreditation. 
  • Update on Self-support programs and overhead – Percentage vs Per-SCH; discussions on sustainable models.

OLD Business

  • Strategic Planning update
    • Topic for 2023, Program Directors Meeting, innovation award, Student summit, etc.
    • Brainstorming; See notes on strategic planning shared document. ACTION ITEM: Bob create a Shared folder for Program Directors to drop in curricula. 
    • New Award in Innovation “In recognition of…”. More details to come. This will also be due in October. 
    • Open discussion on a collaborative Pathophysiology course.

Committee Reports

  • College P&T (Tyler Johnson): Email(s) from Michelle Payne. 
    •  In support of Jen’s application for promotion, putting together a school group of clinical associate professor or hire to review her work; Bob has already reached out to folks willing to do so. 
  • College Grad Curriculum. (Kristen McHenry) – no updates
  • College Undergrad Curriculum (Jane Shimon) – no updates
  • College Policy (Travis Armstrong) – no updates
  • College Research Committee (Bob Wood): Effort Reporting – Need to be aware that folks cannot do more than 100% effort because of federal restrictions. 
  • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy Masters): Drug test policy – Your concerns were shared
  • International Educational Opportunities: (Leslie Kendrick) – no updates
  • Simulation (Leslie Kendrick) – no updates
  • Communications Task Force (Kristy Grabert) – no updates
  • School Faculty Affairs (Tim Kempf) – no updates
  • School Policy (Travis Armstrong) – no updates
  • School Strategic Planning Committee (Shuqi Zhang) – no updates

NEW Business

  • Fall School Meeting – ACTION ITEM: Chairs, Please provide ideas by next EC Meeting of what your faculty would like to see; talk from Provost, purely informational, other? Will have presentations from chairs and program directors. 

Other Items

  • Course Fees concerns
    • Leslie shared that Medical Terminology (online) is $225 and (on campus) is $35. Also, 382 is $127. Also noted, listed as “TBA” rather than “Online”.