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Executive Council Meeting: February 2021

Meeting Date

February 10, 2021

Call to Order

Facilitator: Bob Wood, Director

Attendees: Megan Koster, Jen Eichmeyer, Joie Burns, Jane Shimon

Guests: Megan Orthmeyer, Heather Jauregui, Scott Moorcroft


Updates/Announcements from Chairs 

    • Megan – Trying to figure out a cool way to do a research fellowship with Seattle Children’s Hospital. Hopefully Summer/Fall 2021. 
    • Jen – In the middle of admissions; 50% increase from last year! Would really be helpful to have a person designated specifically to help with their admissions. Their first class is graduating, leaning toward a virtual graduation. Also, Jen has been selected to be on the board of their Accreditation Body. 
    • Joie – Also in the admissions process. 75 candidates for 28 seats. CTMRI apps due March 1. 
    • Jane – Mostly building updates. HVAC issues; FOM trying to set up dates for repair – possibly next 2-3 weeks. Getting new carpeting in areas. Faculty working on grants and research has slowed down. 

School Updates:

    • Program Prioritization
      • Not ready for action plans, but template will be out soon. 
      • MSRC, AT, GENCO are considered new so action plans are not required. 
      • Encourage to meet with Bob and ultimately the Dean for approvals. 

College Updates: Conversation with  Advancement (Heather and Megan O.)

Explanation of department/program handling of scholarships:

      • Megan – Scholarship Committee that reviews and handles the entire process, then gives RESP a list of scholarships. Camille Stover is their point person (verifying).
      • Joie – They look at scholarships available; Sue compiles a list of those who qualify. Then they decide how to split them up. Certain ones are worth more and are assigned to seniors. They decide as a faculty since they have so few scholarships and it doesn’t take much time. Chair is the point person and works with Sue Antonich. 
      • Sue – They use a committee. Shawn Simonson is the point person. Usually very few applicants. Goes through Shawn and then up to Jan. 

Pedigo Gift

      • When the equipment is available, Heather would like a picture or video of students using equipment to show the donors. This is one of the largest gifts they’ve given to our campus thus far.

Committee Reports

  • College P&T (Joie) – Nothing to report
  • College UG Curriculum committee; (Jane)
    • Everything recently approved was in Mark’s box, so things look good. Do not recommend submitting any more proposals until Fall. 
  • College Grad Curriculum committee (Megan)
    • Master’s and value-based in healthcare did go through.
  • College IPE Committee (Jen) – Nothing to report. 
  • College Policy Committee (Bob). 
    • Looking at Clinical/Non-clinical policy but still in works
  • College Clinical Affiliations Committee (Bob)
    • Talked with Cathy; more to come. 
  • College Research Committee (Bob)
    • Awarding GA-ship Enhancement Awards. Reach out to Bob for more info. 
  • College Communications Task Force (Kristy)
    • Lauren Griswold – new AVP of Communications & Marketing at Boise State
      • Implementing new brand strategies to refocus around the Boise State brand; not “re-branding”
    • University is moving forward with Salesforce. What we know:
      • Ongoing-lengthy process, but it is in their 3-5 year plan. 
      • Will be a Marketing link and an Advising link
      • As it progresses, Lutana will share more
    • Danya is working on a one-time publication booklet titled COHS Impact 2020 that will tell brief stories on impacts the College has made. 
      • She’ll be reaching out for specific student’s names for stores.
      • Releasing in March 2021. 
  • School Policy Committee (Bob) – Nothing to Report
  • School ad-hoc faculty affairs committee (Bob/Scott): 
    • Bob – Shared governance vs Faculty governance. What we think is important in a policy as it relates to searches(?)
    • Megan – RESP currently dealing with lack of policy because of past experiences. Faculty concerned about distribution of weight: chair vs committee. Would like opportunity for recommending body to communicate with the chair. 
    • Jen – Limited input currently. Equity Advocate in training; will participate on one search committee a semester. 
    • Joie – Have not had many searches; in the few that they’ve had, a large number of people who qualify and small number that do not so there has not been a conflict.  
    • Jane – Haven’t had any trouble in the past. Committees are there to run the show; they have the expertise in the area. Faculty there to listen and be in the discussion. Once things wrap, faculty come together with committee and come up with a decision. Chair is there for support and add input. 
    • Scott – Looking for role and process clarity. To summarize, it seems some departments have explicitly had a sense of role clarity and others that have not. There will need to be some philosophical transparencies that will need to happen when we communicate. What makes sense for Bob at School level and Chairs at College level (organizational template)?
    • Bob – No matter what model we’re accustomed to, most models seem to be linear. Maybe the answer is not so linear; maybe we triangulate the chair, committee, and director and explain how we come together to have conversation. The Dean should also be included in there somewhere.

Old Business

  • Reminders about Faculty Evals/Evaluation of Teaching and Learning.

New Business

  • Policy for Faculty Searches
  • Ethics Course/ other potential collaborations – Will discuss more at the next meeting. 
  • MS in Population Health Care Management