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Executive Council Meeting: February 2022

Meeting Date

February 14, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Simon, Jenni Gudapati, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Leslie Kendrick, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas, Kristy Grabert


Approval of December Minutes


  • Grosz Lecture postponed.
  • Bronco Day 4/9 (Be prepared to share plans at March meeting)
  • Department updates  
    • KIN
      • Just finished chair search; 4 candidates
      • One tenure track position open, applications open through end of the month
    • MPHSM
      • Launched in January, going well
      • New cohort in the fall
    • GENCO
      • In the middle of admissions
      • Having a little difficulty with the new systems (CANVAS, Slate, etc)
    • SSAA
      • Required advising has launched
      • Getting vamped up for summer orientation; will be live
      • 2 final candidates for on campus asst clinical track position; coming to campus in March
      • Jody Lester, retiring at the end of this year; will be filling her line—posted on Friday and have at least 6 or 7 candidates already
      • Students are struggling with their board examinations; determined that is happening consistently across the board
    • RAD SCI
      • Also noticing 2021 cohort pass rate is inconsistent with what is typical in the past; national trend 
      • Just finished national conference with excellent attendance rate. 1st place in paper presentation.
  • Other: Neuroscience, PhD
    • CID will be sending Bob, Kevin Feris from Biology, and Eric Landrum from Psychology to Montana to meet with University of Montana Neuroscience Program faculty for program development. Will appoint a faculty work group with 2 folks from SAHS, 2 from Biology, and 2 from Psychology. Goal is to hear from external reviewers. 

Committee Reports

      • Grad Curriculum. (Megan)
        • Some programs that are retiring, but no new proposals.
      • Undergrad Curriculum (Jane)
        • Nothing from COH.
        • University Curriculum–Big change from English, creating 3 new departments after Fall: Linguistics, Writing Studies, and English Literature. 
      • Policy (Bob/Travis A.)
  • See note from Travis in Agenda
      • Promotion to rank of clinical professor
      • If you have any thoughts on this, he’s open to getting feedback from anyone
    • Research (Bob)
      • Idea to collaborate with St. Luke’s to potentially create an institute. Working on IRB approvals, F&A, contract language. 
    • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy)
      • See note from Cathy in Agenda
      • Lack of support for using My Clinical Exchange
      • If you have any concerns in that area, reach out to Cathy
    • International (Leslie)
      • Meeting later this month to discuss an opportunity for Faculty led __ to Croatia. 
    • Simulation (Leslie) (NOTHING TO REPORT)
    • Communications Task Force (Kristy)
      • Story submissions form—access the link through COHALL emails 
      • Paul Farmer rescheduled to September 14
      • Bronco Giving Day – March 3-4
      • Bronco Day – April 9; Expect a call for volunteers mid-March
    • School Faculty Affairs (Bob: need new member/chair)
      • Reported back in September using feedback from this committee; they generally agree, but there was some pushback on purpose/scope. They way things were worded, it appeared they were under the impression we were trying to create a policy. Scott will be stepping back from the committee because of workload; looking for a new member, preferably tenured.  
    • School Policy (NOTHING TO REPORT)

OLD Business

  • March 1st Borah (need to plan personnel)
    • Time—Still TBD, but will be during the school day. 
    • Bringing SAHS Booth, will have 2 tables, can bring swag and marketing materials
    • Bob can help with set-up, but will not be available the full day.
    • RADSCI—students have limited time, but interested in participating
    • SSAA—Olga available 8:30-1:00
  • Strategic Planning: time to work on metrics and benchmarks
    • Hoping to consistently get DAR data
    • Note on school proposal to add professional staff
  • 2021 Faculty Evaluations: Assessment and Guidance discussion
    • NWCCU Guidance;

NEW Business

  • School Meeting: 3/11. (12-2)
  • Reports (3 mins)- program updates/accomplishments (Department Chairs, Program Directors) (15mins)
  • Strategic prioritization process (Bob/Shuqi)
    • Friends of School. (Leslie to present Becky, Olga to present Erin)
    • Spotlight:  Megan to present TJ; Jennifer to present Leslie, Jane to present Tyler)
    • Star Staff:  Jane to present Tina