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Executive Council Meeting: July 2022

Meeting Date

July 18, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood

In Attendance:  Jen Eichmeyer, Kristy Grabert, Leslie Kendrick, Lynda Ransdell, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas

Approval of Minutes from 6/23/22


  • University/College updates: Opening year events 
    • COHS Employee BBQ following New Employee Orientation – Aug 19 11:30am
    • COHS Welcome BBQ – Aug 25 12:30pm Norco Patio
    • University Convocation followed by lunch – Aug 17 10:00am Morrison Center/Quad
  • School updates: 
    • Congratulations to Kristy Grabert on her promotion to Business Operations Manager
    • Neuroscience meeting followed by social (9/27) Inn at 500 Hotel connected to Richard’s restaurant, meeting around 3-5 with hor d’oeuvres and drink tickets. Please start promoting heavily. 
    • HSRV 200 update- contract moving forward for est $92k. Still need to order the head wall. Megan and Leslie can meet in the Fall to determine use of shared space; others are welcome to attend. ACTION: Bob schedule a follow up with Bojan Misic
  • Department updates 
    • Genetic Counseling – in the middle of accreditation reporting; no other updates
    • Radiologic Sciences – met with nursing about moving 105 class from 2 credit to 1 credit and discussed important considerations, meeting again Aug 15 11:00am; no other updates
    • Respiratory Care – 105 class issues, bringing staff and faculty, finalizing BOM interviews. 2 new faculty onboarding, paused on strategic initiatives, Sep 15 Faculty Retreat to continue strategic initiatives, would like to move around curriculum
    • Kinesiology – meeting with faculty, discussing online bachelor’s program (still needs a confirmed title)
    • SSAA – 3 new advisors onboarding, summer orientations and registrations
  • Reminder; Please include Bob on department/program meeting invitations. Don’t forget to promote research Seminars and Socials. 

Committee Reports

  • College P&T (Tyler Johnson)
  • College Grad Curriculum (Kristen McHenry)
  • College Undergrad Curriculum (Jane Shimon)
  • College Policy (Travis Armstrong)
  • College Research Committee (Bob Wood) 
    • For Resp Care, Megan added Trevor Lee 
  • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy Masters)
    • COHS Policy 314 ACTION: Committee review and report any feedback/concerns
      • Concerns were raised that the proposed addendum is too prescriptive and implies that affected students require counseling. A recommendation was formulated to ask that the policy(ies) for program readmission be housed at the local level (e.g., dept/school).
      • ACTION: Bob will inform college leadership of concerns and recommendation 
  • International (Leslie Kendrick)
  • Simulation (Leslie Kendrick)
  • Communications Task Force (Maybe Robyn Hood) ACTION: Bob confirm with Robyn
  • School Faculty Affairs (Tim Kempf)
  • School Policy (Travis Armstrong) ACTION: Lynda need reps from Kinesiology
  • School Strategic Planning Committee (Shuqi) ACTION: Committee please advertise to faculty and staff
    • Limit to 12 members total
    • Bob would like at least a staff, possibly Kevin Blume.

OLD Business

  • faculty Assessment (cont’d)
  • Strategic Planning update (tabled in June)

NEW Business

  • Defining “Active Scholars” (tabled)
  • Defining graduate recruiting and admissions coordinator: Tina Freeman (tabled)
  • Fall School Meeting (October 28): planning agenda (tabled)