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Executive Council Meeting: June 2022

Meeting Date

June 23, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood

In Attendance:  Jane Shimon, Jen Eichmeyer, Leslie Kendrick, Lynda Ransdell, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas, Kristy Grabert


  • College updates: Vacant positions. Michele Kelley is now the Senior Business Manager for the College. Leslie Black is handling scheduling the dean’s appointments. Two positions remain to be filled.
  • School updates: Research Seminars and School Socials
    • See calendar invites
    • Available remotely for faculty who are not in Boise; encourage faculty to attend as many as possible. Zoom links will be furnished upon request.
  • Department introductions/updates (including new faculty)
    • Advising- student development, BroncoTales podcast
    • Respiratory Care – entry level program, students recruited nationally, 3 recent faculty retirements, new clinical instructor, new degree advancement program (online), online masters program (online), all 3 programs are on a different funding model
    • Genetic Counseling – program started in 2019, 100% self-support, almost 100% retention, issue with supporting clinical rotations, students placed in several states, small program so faculty availability is limited
    • Radiologic Sciences – 7 faculty/2 staff, 7 programs, entry level program is diagnostic radiology, 2 new programs starting this fall (Interventional Radiology and Interventional Cardiography), small enrollment due to clinical constraints with on-campus programs, 2 online programs(BSIS and new AMI), challenges with  recruitment in general and clinical placement in Treasure Valley
    • Kinesiology – Dean approved online undergraduate in physical activity and health (title TBD), the department recently filled a new lecturer line (Kim Tucker) and a vacant tenure track line (Mariane Bacelar). The Bronco Gym is undergoing painting and carpet replacement.
  • Other: Progress on Neuroscience
    • Lots of interest, faculty workgroup recommended start with a minor next fall, several participating courses, asking deans to support 3 virtually integrated projects (VIPs)—has to be a collaboration, these are undergraduate research experiences, year-long experience
    • Sep 27 – Neuroscience Event at Richard’s/Inn at 500, More details to come

Committee Reports

The EC updated the preliminary committee assignments.

  • IPE committee is disbanded
  • College P&T (Tyler Johnson)
  • College Grad Curriculum. (Kristen McHenry)
  • College Undergrad Curriculum (Jane Shimon)
  • College Policy (Travis Armstrong)
  • College Research Committee (Bob Wood)
  • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy Masters) 
    • *Note- contract language, exempting hospitals, is adversarial to pro-choice philosophy, particularly affecting Social Work
  • International Educational Opportunities(Leslie Kendrick)
  • Simulation (Leslie Kendrick)
  • Communications Task Force (Kristy Grabert)
  • School Faculty Affairs (Tim Kempf, review membership)
  • School Policy (review membership)
  • School Strategic Planning Committee (Shuqi)

Old Business

  • Results of FY22 budget requests (different from BB2)
    • Of the total $1.1 million in funding received by College, only $30k went to SOAHS (namely for Kines to address significant inequity in full professor salaries). In regard to the school, this is not sustainable. Need to create  a model that will support growth. 
  • Assessment
    • Although it isn’t a university policy, it is an accreditation requirement that you have a systematic process of professional development (means for authentic assessment); departments charged with working with faculty on this.
  • Strategic Planning update
    • We will table this for now, but please review the tactics and metrics handout that came from the Spring School meeting.

New Business

  • Fall School Meeting: Chairs, please make sure calendars are up to date. Bob Wood will look for a good date to have an event.
  • New position for Tina Freeman. Beginning fall, Tina will become a graduate student recruitment and admissions coordinator. Her job description will evolve through communication with our graduate program directors and their staff. The recruitment piece is likely to focus on Kinesiology, but we hope there are some efficiencies that can be created particularly through the marketing side that will assist recruitment in all areas..
  • Recruiting and advising: Chairs are encouraged to have regular meetings with SSAA director and staff with respect to undergraduate programs funded through state appropriations. Bob will be limiting his involvement with SSAA sponsored or co-sponsored recruiting and advising events.
  • Self-support programs and overhead
  • Other Items