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Executive Council Meeting: March 2021

Meeting Date

March 5, 2021

Call to Order


Updates/Announcements from Chairs

      • Joie – in the middle of program applications, having to dismiss a student
      • Jen – admission season, 3 of 5 days done of interviews – great candidates, will be keeping 12
      • Jane – K-12 program prioritization meeting soon
      • Megan – admission season, moving forward with interviews in modified format, interviewing final candidates for AA2 and On-campus faculty, requesting additional position to serve MSRC, DAP doing well – opened additional 6-10 classes

School Updates:

      • HSRV 200/210 – reno top of list – high priority. Should be with a project manager this month. 
      • Bronco Gym getting heat/AC in AT

Program Prioritization

      • Should have access to complete action plans now
      • Dean would like these by end of June, but you can start submitting right away
      • If you have a  program to continue, no action plan necessary
      • Extended leadership meeting next week is around program prioritization

Committee Reports

    • College P&T (Joie) No report, haven’t met
  • College UG Curriculum committee; (Jane)
      • Stopped receiving proposals; sent out requests for improvements of Kuali. 
    • College Grad Curriculum committee (Megan) No report, haven’t met
    • College IPE Committee (Phil)  
      • IPE Grant for last year if finally coming through – should receive first on March 17th
    • College Policy Committee (Bob). 
      • Should have received request for feedback; open for comment from everyone – March 17th deadline for feedback on dismissal policy
    • College Clinical Affiliations Committee (Bob) No report
  • College Research Committee (Bob)
      • Deadline for GA Enhancement coming up
      • Lightning Round coming up March 19th 1pm – 3 faculty from our College presenting
  • College Communications Task Force (Kristy)
    • Adobe Pro available for all employees (students included). Email Kristy if you need assistance with access.
    • Danya is hiring student journalist to help with story creation in the College; she will send out survey in early March requesting dates that you would like promoted 
      • Please continue to let her know about Events happening so that they can be added to College and Advising Events panel on their websites
      • Salesforce Update – Copy of the slides can be found here. Link to Watch the Zoom recording can be found on the last slide. 
  • School Policy Committee (Bob): Nothing to report
  • School ad-hoc faculty affairs committee (Bob): Meet with Scott today

OLD Business

  • BAS update
    • Something to think about: If we want to offer online, they can create another online section offered in the same way that is part of the state’s “flex program”. Departments would get revenue depending on enrollment. Just keep caps in mind. Bob will be sending out a document soon for your review. 

New Business

  • Budget Priorities for the School
      • Reviewed permanent funding requests spreadsheet and discussed priority levels – will be requesting approx. $132,529 in new appropriated funding from the Dean. Once we receive his response, we’ll go back to the drawing board and get your thoughts. 
  • School Meeting (4/9)
    • Spotlights
    • Dept updates

Other concerns