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Executive Council Meeting: May 2020

Meeting Date

May 21, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Simon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joe Coyle, Joie Burns, Megan Koster, Kristy Grabert

Guests:  Danya Lusk, Lutana Haan

Handouts:  Course Delivery Options, SAHS Workload Policy, SAHS Workload Policy Memo, Program Director Allocation of Effort, SON Disclaimer, Semi-Annual Report Guidelines

Updates/ Announcements

    • Joie – No touch thermometers have not come in; 1 of 2 labs performed with ultrasound students today, 3/21. Ordered face masks (500) – have them in dept if others are in need – reach out. 
    • Lu – Received communication that there is a possibility RADSCI and RESP St Als and St Lukes will have students (or us) provide them masks moving forward
    • Enrollment
      • College is doing well. Basically flat; up about 5%. Looks better than previously anticipated.
      • Expect a rise in RADSCI.
    • No change in T&P process/calendar. Individual accommodations can be made to extend time clock with permission of dean and provost for any pre-tenure faculty member whose work has been negatively affected by COVID-19.
      • Tenure – If this is the first time you’ve done this, get reviewers lined up/commitments now
      • Clinical – Only those going for Full Prof 
      • If you have people in pre-tenure that might be impacted, Provost announced he can accommodate, you will just need to submit a request 
    • Communicating Course Delivery methods (see attachment)
      • Only refer to courses being “online” if they are 100% online and students pay an “online” course fee. Be mindful of this for Fall classes. 
      • Lu – Concern that students have received communication that was classes that were slated to be face-to-face are now all online and causing worry. 
      • Lu – If you have a face-to-face course that you would like to provide online temporarily, just notify students directly. Do not make changes to schedule or notify the Registrar. 
      • Bob – For now, hold off on advising our students on anything (regarding online courses) until we get more guidance from the institution – possibly May 25th. 
    • SON disclaimer (possible consideration for other licensure programs; see attachment)
    • Reminders about allocation of effort (see attachments)
    • Teaching evaluations
      • Would like to sit with Department Chairs and discuss. Are there areas we need to provide support? 
      • Address areas of shortcomings in Faculty Development Plans
      • Those that Bob has seen look good. A few red flags, but not many. 
      • Will reach out to set up a time for that soon. 
      • Jane – Some of the KIN faculty have students that do not want to complete an evaluation, so the faculty have completely rejected including evaluations in some cases.
      • Bob – If faculty are not willing to do that, at very least they need to create their own assessment tool. Teaching evaluations are mandatory, not an option. Teachers have a right to ask students how their class went.  Also, it is not ok if faculty are telling students not to fill them out. 

Other Issues

    • Joie – 120 day extension for CPR approved, but St. Als prefers you go online to get recertification
    • Jen – HIPAA training – could be uniformed.

New Business

    • Semi-annual report. (accomplishments and projects; see attachment) 
      • School specific, not Department specific.
      • Top Accomplishments (maybe 1 instruction and 1 research)
        • Successful Launch of MS Genetic Counseling, PhD in BME
        • Successful transition to online delivery of didactic lab and clinical coursework
        • SAHS Research Conference
      • Projects in Progress
        • Instructional changes including Interventional Radiology Program – proposal ready to submit to state BoE, curriculum revision and additions to Kinesiology 
        • Instructional technology advancements, including introduction of Simulation to Health Science Riverside and adoption of virtual dissection program (BodyViz)
      • On the Horizon
        • New Academic programs including PhD in Health Sciences, APRT (Advanced Practice RT)
        • Exploring unique course delivery opportunities, creative ways to deliver clinical experiences (tele-clinical education).
      • Bob will share as a google doc if you think of any other additions. This will be due June 15th. 
    • Possible Virtual Open House?
      • To highlight some of the work we are doing (examples)
        • RESP Lonny splitting of ventilators approach
        • RADSCI what the interpretations of images with COVID are
        • KIN interesting work using exercise as a model to wean people from mechanical ventilation
      • Thoughts? Would need to do before June 30th (deadline for admissions applications)
        • Joe – COVID Open House – interesting and easy to market! Workshop with MSRC students on frontline
        • Joie – Med imaging has some fun stuff to show, think that would be well received
        • Jen – Can talk more specifically to precision medicine, PCR testing
        • Jane – 
        • Danya – 
      • Scheduling
        • Looking at week of June 15th
        • Possibly recording the Virtual Open House

Old Business

      • Safety Plans for Fall. (what are common needs with which the School can assist?)
        • School set aside $3k
          • Reach out to Kristy if you have supplies you would like ordered. We can continue to support until fund runs out. 
        • Dean has set aside a bit of money also
        • Shared spaces? 
          • Joie – Paper towel dispensers do not work properly and require touch. Can we invest in auto-dispensers? 
          • Megan – 2000 masks per semester. 
          • Kristy – Can reach out to Safety about clorox wipes for labs and classes, touchless dispensers where possible (restrooms, classrooms), Boise State facemasks (branded). Reach out to Kristy if you have items you’d like her to add to request. 
          • Bob – Send us items you’d like to see for PPE, cleaning supplies, and items for shared spaces
      • CARE grant proposal (no rural partner as of yet so it isn’t being funded


        • Email Bob if you’d still be interested