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Executive Council Meeting: November 2020

Meeting Date

November 6, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Simon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joie Burns, Megan Koster, Kristy Grabert

New Business

    • Workload Adjustments
      • Summary of leadership meeting surrounding the topic
      • What are your thoughts/take on this?
        • Joie – More directed at tenure track folks. A way to say you are not doing the same amount of research; accounting for that. I think the term “leave” is a problem. 
        • Megan – Geared toward finding a way to quantify all that was lost.
        • Jane – Might be harder to make this work for our clinical faculty. 
      • Consensus
        • Bob will talk with Tony about the use of the word “leave” 
        • Want to be clear that research effort cannot fall under what we’re charging the grants for
    • Program Prioritization
      • They said they were going to be sending out something next week that would be due prior to the next leadership meeting

Old Business

    • Spotlight Nominations
      • Send Bob nominations before next meeting if you haven’t already


    • Schoolwide meeting Monday, November 9th. We may talk about some of the issues surrounding evaluations, etc.