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Executive Council Meeting: October 2020

Meeting Date

October 2, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Simon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joie Burns, Kristy Grabert

Absent:  Megan Koster

Handouts:  Resilience Lightning Round flyer, Spotlight Awards

Updates/ Announcements

      • Upcoming deadlines:  P&T documents due to College (10/15); Allocation of effort; call for GA applications out soon
    • Research Lightning Rounds
      • 1st one on Resilience and Health on 10/21 3pm
      • 2nd one on Aging and Neurodegenerative Studies in November
    • Updates/Announcements from Chairs 
      • KIN (Jane) – Annex pool – Randy McDermott does not currently have anything in mind for that space and willing to work together with KIN for a use. Discussing ideas. 
      • RADSCI (Joie) – Concern – face-to-face experiencing times where students with migraine are calling in and some faculty encouraging students to stay home. Looking for a more concrete response/decision-making for this. 

Committee Reports

    • College P&T (Joie)
    • College UG Curriculum committee; Kuali Q&A (Jane)
      • Kuali – If you have anything coming down the pipe on curriculum changes, get them in asap. Registrar pushed out late. Curriculum Committee just starting to get things sent to them. Not sure if they will be extending deadline. Committee will be meeting one day a week for an hour starting the 14th. 
    • College Grad Curriculum committee (Megan): Not available, nothing to report
    • College IPE Committee (Jen)
      • Trying to host so many workshops isn’t working. Using effort to develop something around anti-racism. Monthly meeting set up to start working on deliverables. 
    • College Policy Committee (Bob): Nothing to report, meeting later today. 
    • College Clinical Affiliations Committee (Bob)
      • Would like to have Lutana send policy to Kristy to add to SAHS webpage 
    • College Research Committee (Bob)
      • Lightning Talks
      • Discussing how we can help grow the research enterprise – focusing on programs, not on increasing salary savings or things that we do not have control over. 
      • Conversations with Dean on allocation of effort and getting it more in line as a research institution.
    • College Communications Task Force (Kristy): Nothing to report, meeting later this month.
    • School Policy Committee (Bob): Nothing to report
    • School ad-hoc faculty affairs committee (Bob): Nothing to report

Old Business

    • High School Days Updates (ALL)
      • 1st one was today, 10/2 – Ryan and Lonny from RESP, as well as current students, presented. One of the things they didn’t do that we’d like to consider is some type of activity/question and/or breakout sessions to get them more engaged. 
      • GENCO will present on 10/16, then we will hold off until we hear from Ann Farris (Boise School District) to schedule the others. 
      • School can help with filming via smartphone (gimbal available) and will fund any editing that needs to be done. 
      • Joie – Travis was going to use a voiceover powerpoint. Program Directors will do 5 min info videos as well as a Q&A. 
      • Jane – Taylor working on a video, but wasn’t sure about what cost center to charge. 
          • Evaluation of Teaching and Learning

New Business

          • Strategic Plan (Program Directors Summit)
      • Planned for 10/30, but still looking for a venue. Would like as many face-to-face as possible, but Zoom will be an option. Dinner will be served.  
          • School-wide meeting (Nov 9): Update on strategic plan
          • Spotlight Awards for 2020-2021

Time to make nominations. ACTION: Bring to next meeting for us to confirm.