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Executive Council Meeting: September 2020

Meeting Date

September 4, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance:  Jane Simon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joie Burns, Megan Koster, Kristy Grabert

Handouts:  COHS Committees 2020-21, FY21 SAHS Committees, SAHS Strategic Plan-Updated 8/13


    • Updates/announcements from Chairs 
      • Megan – focusing on keeping students in school, getting room reservations for Spring
      • Joie – Scheduling, rooms are still being reserved at normal cap rather than COVID cap, still need a space for 3 classes
      • Jane – no new news
    • No News on DAR 
    • Live safe/reintegration of research plans                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Upcoming deadlines:  Allocation of Effort, Course Fee Expense Reports.
  • Committee Reports
    • College P&T (Joie)
      • Have not met
    • College UG Curriculum committee (Jane)
      • Met with Mark/Susan; working on putting in a better system. Developing a proposal group to handle curriculum changes. If you’re currently developing curriculum, have items ready that you are wanting to change. 
    • College Grad Curriculum committee (Megan)
      • Have not met
    • College IPE committee (Jen)
      • Have not met, but committee still needs to determine a Chair
    • College Policy Committee (Bob)
      • Meeting today, more to come
    • College Clinical Affiliations Committee (Bob)
      • Haven’t spoken to anyone just yet, looking for recommendations
        • Leslie Ordal, Samantha Davis, or Catherine Masters
    • College Research Committee (Bob)
      • Very busy
      • When doing funded research, salary gets charged and comes back to depts cost center in salary savings. Fringe associated with salary is also deposited into fringe accounts and CAN be moved into other accounts, including operations. 
      • F&A returns have restrictions for use that we must be careful of. Anything that can be charged to a grant cannot also be charged to F&A (ex. salary). 
      • Lightning Talks for faculty – if you have ideas, let Bob know. 
      • Conversations around allocation of effort; trying to find balance for research institutions. More to come. 
    • College Communications Task Force (Kristy)
      • Danya working on an updated Communications Contacts sheet – out soon
      • COH changing process and timing for sending COHALLs (leadership updates, current events, etc): Sending only one a week; you can submit any items you’d like shared to Danya a week in advance – more to come
      • Per University – any new marketing/branded materials – must represent current guidelines regarding social distancing and facial coverings
      • Bronco Giving Day – Sept 10-11; toolkit available for promoting 
    • School Policy Committee (Bob)
      • No new news; Olgie can step in as staff member for KIN
    • School ad-hoc faculty affairs committee (Bob)
      • Have not met

New Business

      • Strategic Plan (see attachment)
        • Bob will send out PCN list. 


        • Let Bob know to what extent are the self support programs supporting the appropriated programs. In terms of faculty salary/time. ACTION ITEM, DUE BY NEXT MEETING


        • Jen – Is there an effort from a Health Science standpoint for an anti-racism workshop? 
          • Bob/Megan – RESPCARE 376 Culture, Diversity, and Healthcare is a new course that could possibly be standardized. Sam Davis and Kristen McHenry are good contacts in regard to diversity ideas. 
          • Jen – thinking more of at College level; IPE course? 
          • Bob will talk with Lu and see if this could fall under IPE
        • Bachelor of Applied Science – list of proposed courses with Medical Science emphasis 
      • Evaluation of Teaching and Learning


        • The Assessment Cycle


          • Jane – Complete these individually for them at the moment, not as a dept. Dept. hasn’t required it. 
          • Megan – Just recently came up for them. No formal process yet, but on her radar. 
          • Joie – Similar to Megan. 
          • Jen – e-Campus has faculty meet after they’ve taught and Jen meets with them one-on-one informally, but would love to model something more formal. 
          • Bob – Wants faculty to agree on consistent evaluation and assessment. Would like faculty to include in annual report – reflection on their teaching and address an area of growth

Old Business

    • High School Days Update 
      • Director will cover fees for any new videos needing to be shot initially
      • Will highlight one department for each date
      • Oct 2 – Respiratory Care Day
      • Oct 16 – Depends on which department is ready; may be Genetic Counseling 
      • Oct 30 – Depends on which department is ready; or can be Advising Day
      • Bob can ask Ann Farris about how many student will be attending and where we can send flyers and other branded info to 
      • Consider ways we can offer virtual swag ACTION ITEM
    • Biennial reviews: need a stronger culture of review. 
      • Remind tenure faculty that we need really good feedback about how we help early career faculty grow as teacher scholar servants. 
      • Bob is happy to give feedback to faculty if it would help.