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Executive Council Meeting: February 2020

Meeting Date

February 20, 2020

Call to Order

Facilitator: Bob Wood, Director

Attendance: Kristy Grabert, Joe Coyle, Meghan Koster, Jane Shimon, John Lampignano, Jen Eichmeyer


      • Ann Hubbert retirement, Oct 2020
      • Shelle Poole, new Division Dean of Nursing, effective July 1?
      • Nikki Hanson, departing Boise State Feb 2020
      • Donor gift of $40,000 for BodyViz
        • $45k total for software and computers. The School will fund the other $5k with appropriated funds.
        • Natalie Mourant (RAD) will be spokesperson BodyViz; she will communicate with Phil Ford (KIN) and Joe Coyle (RESP) as POC’s for their respective departments to coordinate use of software
        • Undergraduate student research showcase (deadline is tomorrow for registration)
        • School can help with printing posters; contact Kristy for assistance
      • Research Conference Updates.
      • Approval of January Minutes

Committee Reports:

        • College Leadership

          • Creation of Graduate Committee looks likely. No groups have officially been selected.
            1. ACTION ITEM: Algorithm of graduate admission process for your programs (please have to me by Spring break). What does that look like for your program? Feel free to give suggestions. We want to determine the ways our school will be affected so that we can take that info to Jo Powers.
            2. Jen Eichmeyer and Meghan Koster expressed interest in being a part of this committee.
          • Ad-hoc research committee to meet 3/17, should be reporting back to chairs
          • IPE workshop May 13th (sign up on CTL)
          • School Faculty Affairs has been commissioned
            1. Goal is finding our way as a School
            2. What do faculty feel should be at School level vs College
            3. Representatives should be talking to depts soon
            4. Grand Challenges
          • School Communications:

          • COHS Communication Task Force:
            1. Please encourage participation from dept if workload allows.
            2. Work Groups update
          • Bronco Day 4/11

            1. Advising, RESP, RAD – tabling event
            2. KIN clubs and HPL – demos
            3. Mary will be reaching out for content/swag; Kristy has given undergrad program flyers
          • ACTION ITEM: Please insure committee members. Maybe Bob can be invited to attend committee and/or dept meetings. He will talk to Lutana and Jo to get their thoughts.

New Business

  • Compensation of program directors/other admin roles. Can revisit at next Executive Council Meeting.
      • Curriculum for emphasis in Bachelor of Applied Studies

Old Business

    • ACTION ITEM: Faculty/Staff evals: Justifications of 3s and 1s by March 6th to Bob, either in a document or email format. Do not need to send eval, just the justification
    • Sim Lab discussion (See Respiratory Care Simulation Proposal attachment). Will be meeting next to discuss 2/2)

Other Announcements

        • Nursing looking to build HP building on Chinden
        • Joie – ISU Cadaver Lab – built in $25 student fee for that. 65-70 applications completed at this time.