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Executive Council Meeting: January 2020

Meeting Date

January 16, 2020

Call to Order

In attendance: David Weaver, Jane Shimon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Joe Coyle, Joie Burns, Kristy Grabert


Special Presentation:

Faculty 180 Reporting (David Weaver, 30 Mins)

    • Faculty updates dues by Feb 1
    • Report to faculty by March 1
    • Report to director/dean by April 15
    • CEC ratings

Approval of December Minutes


  • Megan Koster, Chair of Resp Care (Summer 2020)
  • Coleen Dudley, Retirement and party

Committee Reports:

  • Faculty Affairs (scheduled to Meet Feb 5 to begin faculty governance structure for school)
  • Communications:
    1. ACTION ITEM REQUEST (Bob) Include events on dept meetings. Kristy will reach out to Liaisons.
    2. UPDATES (Kristy): recruiting events, website, research conference items, Discover Boise, Bronco day, etc.

New Business

Grand Challenges (survey administered)

Sim Lab discussion

  • Joe – at COH meeting discussed they would like a short term solution until they develop their own; can be a Grand Challenge? For RESP short term, looking at current SIM room in 205 setting up as a space with a bed and mannequin. Control is done with a wireless laptop. Also adding an audio-visual system in 209 for debriefing.
  • Joie – doesn’t think she can get a C-Arm upstairs; will have to purchase a mini. Ultrasound unit will fit. FOAM may need to consult to verify how much weight the elevator can safely hold.
  • Bob – it’s not affordable based on needs ($500/student fee a semester). Plus doubling size of enrollment. Will need to increase space. Will need a solution for Fall.


  • Bob is very interested in supporting (cost about $25k)

College-wide Research Committee (includes Faculty Brown, Gao, Ashworth, Forbush, Kendrick)

Bronco Day

Vetting of Spotlight Research Award Nominee (Eric Martin, KIN)

  • KIN – Eric Martin; Bob will reach out to him and invite him to make a 20 min presentation
  • RADSCI – Travis Armstrong; Bob will reach out to him and invite him to make a 20 min presentation

Old Business

  • SoAHS Research Conference (ACTION ITEMS)
    • Advisory Board
    • Student Organizations
    • Clinical sites
  • Innovative successes (still time if you have not submitted what you would like)
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum (degree completion emphasis in BS in Applied Science)
    • Undergraduate student research fair (Fri April 17th; Printing at Library, School will pay)
    • Spotlight Award Recipients (Gao FY19; Ashworth FY20)
    • Other Announcements?