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Executive Council Meeting: August 2021

Meeting Date:

August 23, 2021

Call to Order

Facilitator: Dr. Robert Wood, Director

In Attendance: Jane Simon, Jenni Gudapati, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Leslie Kendrick, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas, Kristy Grabert

Welcome and Updates/Announcements:


    • College communications (offices/adjusting to Covid/strategic planning) 
    • Dean hoping folks communicate upstream
    • Jen Eichmeyer will office share with Bob Wood in NN113 (Still reserving her office space in  HSRV until at least January when we understand our needs better) ACTION Kristy request keys to NN113 for Jen
    • COVID – Be willing to accommodate students, faculty, and staff as best as we can in regards to their health concerns with COVID
    • University Strategic Planning – Cascading

Department updates

      • Jenni – Presented at Idaho HFMA conference recently; program featured!
      • Jen – 3rd cohort started today. All but 1 of their graduates have found a job! 
      • Olga – 900 students onboarded for Fall 2021. New staff (Josette). Podcast moved to Anchor; released on Spotify (BroncoTales). This Thursday is Bronco Welcome BBQ. ACTION Kristy check to see if any details can be posted to SAHS page
      • Jane – Big incoming recruiting class. Building is up and running!
      • Megan – 1st day of Fall term today! Full cohort started. Working with clinical partners to make sure clinicals remain open. New curriculum goes into effect; trying to accommodate interns has been a little difficult. DAP going strong; two new faculty members. MSRC celebrated 2nd grad cohort with 13 students; welcoming in the 4th cohort. Tracy Marin hired on and Wood Fire Smoke Grant. 
      • Leslie – 2 new faculty; Joie retires! New AA1 hired to manage RADSCI front desk; Sue Antonich moves to remote work emphasis. 

Committee Assignments

  • School Policy Committee:  Need faculty and staff from each unit. ACTION Get names to Bob in next week
  • RADSCI – Travis Armstrong would like to stay on
  • (Only other committee as follows) Faculty Affairs Committee: 

Travis Armstrong, Scott Moorcroft, Camille Stover

  • COMMITTEE REPORTS: No reports just yet, but the approach described

Old Business:

    • HSRV 200 
      • Initially  planned to renovate into a SIM lab/additional classroom space, but not cost effective
      • May still be able to create a teaching space for specialty instruction in order to retain the space
      • Conversations around other possible use
    • Guidance for Faculty Self-Assessment Narratives
  • ACTION Review and send your recommendations to Bob

New Business:

  • Grosz Lecture, February 23rd. 2022 in the Morrison Center
    • Emphasize student/faculty presence 
    • Encourage student engagement/activity 
  • Student Organizations
    • Bob would like to visit with your student organizations; please invite him to any meetings
    • Interested in creating a summit and  implementing undergrad induction into the national honors society (more to come)
  • Borah High School event “Future Options Night” Sept 23rd, 2021
    • Reserved 2 tables for our school
    • Please bring any swag available to promote your programs
    • ACTION Unit Leaders If you have a student interested in attending and promoting your programs, please let Bob know
  • Strategic Planning updates
    • The Dean brought in a consultant today to assist in aligning our plan with the University’s plan and hoping to complete it this semester (more to come)
    • Other Items
      • School Meeting. (Wed. Sep 29th, 12-1:30pm) 
  • ACTION Unit Leaders prepare 5-10 minutes to talk about accomplishments/new direction/new folks in your programs at this meeting
    • Spotlight Awards nominations will be due in November
      • ACTION Department Chairs submit nominations at next meeting
    • Any other agenda items???