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Executive Council Meeting: November 2021

Meeting Date:

November 10, 2021

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Dr. Robert Wood, Director

Attendees:  Jane Simon, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Leslie Kendrick, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas, Kristy Grabert

Absent:  Jenni Gudapati


  • Vaccination Policy
    • Discussed expressions of concern
    • No further guidance at this time
  • Nov 12 deadline to sign up for graduation
    • Particularly for renting regalia ACTION ITEM: Please remind faculty
  • Remember to send accomplishments from Lutana
    • Faculty/staff achievements: publications, recognitions, etc. 
  • Department updates
    • Kinesiology (Jane)
      • Search for Chair; any visits may be at start of Spring break
    • Respiratory Care (Megan)
      • 9 month clinical assistant position still open, open until January
      • Progress with SIM
    • Genetic Counseling (Jen)
      • Part-time non benefit eligible clinical instructor position approved to post; hope to have this function as a training space for program directors
    • Radiologic Sciences (Leslie)
      • Sue Antonich full time remote is successful
      • Tara Person is settling in to the department 
      • John Lampignano will be announcing his retirement for ‘22
  • SSAA update (Olga)
    • Very successful in required advising
  • Committee reports: 
    • P&T  (Bob/Tyler J.) – Nothing to report
    • Grad Curriculum. (Megan)
      • Meeting later today for first review of PHD in Health Sciences
    • Undergrad Curriculum (Jane)
      • 2 new RAD SCI proposals in Kuali that was just sent off (on-campus)
      • K-12/PE is still in review, all others in College are complete
    • IPE (Jen) – Nothing to report
    • Policy (Bob/Travis A.)
      • Travis reported that they’ve been working on Promotion of Clinical Faculty Policy; Bob recommends that Chairs reach out to Travis to update their departments
    • Research (Bob)
      • GA-ship applications Due Nov 15; 4 awards available. ACTION ITEM: Remind your faculty to submit. 
      • PHD program proposal is written, but has not yet been submitted
    • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy)
      • Now finalized policy around drug testing posted on College website (Bob forwarding email)
    • International (Leslie)
      • Looking at returning to Ireland in ‘23
    • Simulation (Leslie)
      • Global Education Office participating in healthcare opportunity; less expensive and students could have clinical experience
    • Communications Task Force (Kristy)
      • COHS announced a new story process; see the COHS Story Process Handout for an overview of the process, expectations, and your Beat Rep for your specific areas. Email Danya Lusk or your Beat Rep to access the New Story Submission Form—the form will also appear in all future COHS Employee Updates.
    • HCM Update (Kristy)
      • First step is Employee Costing Cleanup—focusing on reviewing employee assignments and funding currently listed in HCM and identifying any necessary corrections. Not approaching payroll corrections as of yet, that will be the next step and will likely be centrally managed. 
      • If you receive a paycheck where pay is incorrect or you did not get paid at all, you’ll complete the Incorrect Payroll Google Form and Payroll will systematically work through these errors.  
    • Faculty Senate (?)
      • Are there any faculty senators from our School? Will need to determine who to get updates from.
    • School Faculty Affairs (Bob/Scott M.)
      • Will discuss soon
    • School Policy (NOTHING TO REPORT) – Nothing to report

Old Business

  • Paul Farmer (Grosz) Lecture. February 23, 2022.
    • Please be actively promoting in your area-faculty, staff and students
    • Would be activities peripheral to the talk itself with opportunities of engagement
  • Spotlight Nominations
    • SSAA – Olga nominates Erin Colburn for Service (beyond classroom experience)
    • Kinesiology – Bob suggests Tyler Brown?
    • Respiratory Care – Megan nominates TJ Wing for Teaching (grow DAP, develop ADJ faculty and support other faculty)
    • Genetic Counseling – Jen nominates Leslie Ordal for Research(lead students through projects)
    • Radiologic Sciences – Leslie nominates Becky Clawson (effort with students, program evals)
    • ACTION ITEM: Consider how we can recognize those in a support role to our school in the future and bring those ideas to the next meeting. New category? New award? 
  • Strategic Planning 
    • The university’s strategic planning template is considered “current” as it lists what is currently in our unit strategic plans; this document is a living document and will continuously update as our unit plans progress. 
    • Next step is Metrics/Tactics (still need clarity here)
      • When determining metrics, consider “what is the tactic trying to improve?” How will you accomplish this?
      • Clean up and edit Metrics as need be
    • ACTION ITEM: Consider how we can have a unified message but also promote unique contributions of all of the units within the school: Unique and Unified?
  • 2021 Faculty Evaluations and Assessment 

New Business

  • Other Items