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Executive Council Meeting: October 2022

Meeting Date:

October 11, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator:  Bob Wood

Attendees:  Leslie Kendrick, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Lynda Ransdell, Olga Tobenas Salinas, Megan Koster, Tina Freeman, Kristy Grabert

Guests:  Jill Johnson (CWI), Tim Curry (CWI), Rhonna Krouse (CWI), Brad Peterson (Liiingo)

  • Introduction of guests and discussion of partnerships
    • Liiingo, Brad Peterson
      • Background:  Specializes in mobile app development. Recently received an NIH grant to develop an interactive media tool to help provide career guidance: Physicians, Resp Care, etc. 
      • Target:  HS juniors/seniors in the healthcare field. Looking to appoint a Product Advisory Board to guide the team on design to be most effective for students (minimal time commitment). 
      • Goal:  Identify 8 of the most common avenues for healthcare. Create an engaging experience with a “Choose Your Own Adventure” feel. 
      • Would like to send out invites to those interested in participating on the advisory board in the next couple of days; introductory meeting. 
    • CWI: Jill Johnson, Tim Curry, Rhonna Krouse
      • Discussion on collaboration with CWI to ensure students are supported and informed.
        • CWI is interested in working with Lynda to get a graduate research program going.
        • Considering 3-5 min clips to explore additional education with Boise State
        • Reconvene on the 4th to discuss final thoughts on collaboration


  • Blue Sky Institute Meeting Oct 19th and 20th – ACTION: Committee, Please promote among faculty
  • School Meeting Oct 28th
  • Research Seminars (Nov 11 and Dec 9). –  ACTION: Committee, Please promote among faculty (Eval incentive)
    • Nov 11 – Shawn Simonson
    • Dec 9 – Eric Martin and Nafees Alam
  • Unit reports
    • Kinesiology – None at this time. 
    • Radiologic Sciences – Submitted/approved by various depts for new faculty member hire (John Lampignano retiring)
    • Respiratory Care – Searching for 2 new faculty (replacing last year’s retirees). Undergraduate curriculum changes aimed at more intentionally creating research. 
    • Genetic Counseling – Got through their first site visit! The feedback was positive. 
    • SSAA – Attended RADSCI event recently; attendance was good physically and virtually. Promoting RESPCARE event. Structure/Re-structure changes. 
    • Tina – Training. Ramping up in the next month with application season. 
  • Committee reports: If pertinent
    • College P&T (Tyler Johnson): NA
    • College Grad Curriculum. (Kristen McHenry): see email in shared folder
    • College Undergrad Curriculum (Jane Shimon): see email in shared folder
    • College Policy (Travis Armstrong): NA
    • College Research Committee (Bob Wood): Tentative March 3rd or 10th conference. Considering regionally so that we can invite NIH. 
    • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy Masters):NA
    • International (Leslie Kendrick): Working with the Provost to develop a plan for Croatia. Looks promising, currently recruiting. 
    • Simulation (Leslie Kendrick): NA
    • Communications Task Force (Robyn Hood): NA
    • School Faculty Affairs (Tim Kempf): NA
    • School Policy (Travis Armstrong): NA
    • School Strategic Planning Committee (Shuqi Zhang): NA

Old Business:

  • Spotlight nominations – need to submit in November ACTION: Bob will send out another call for nominations soon. Please respond. 
    • Scholarship
      •  None at this time
    • Teaching
      • KIN nomination
    • Service 
      • KIN nomination
    • Staff
      • None at this time
    • Friends of SAHS
      • None at this time
  • School Meeting
    • Unit reports (accomplishments/plans) Perhaps relate them back to blueprint? (3-5 min max)
    • Update on Neuroscience and possible FS course
    • Brainstorm session 1 Goal 4.
      • Lynda’s Index Card activity; goal is to determine perception vs reality. ACTION: Bob and Lynda work together to brainstorm activity idea; Lynda will lead activity at the school meeting.  
    • Recognitions
      • Megan to present Joe Coyle
      • Lynda to present Jane Shimon
  • Brainstorm session 2 Goal 4

New Business

  • Upcoming evaluations and biennial P&T reviews – discussion on culture
  • Proposed policy changes on evaluation of teaching