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Executive Council Meeting: September 2021

Meeting Date:

September 8, 2021

Call to Order

Facilitator: Dr. Bob Wood

Attendees: Jenni Gudapati, Jen Eichmeyer, Kristy Grabert, Leslie Kendrick, Megan Koster, Olga Salinas, Jane Shimon

Welcome and Updates/Announcements

  • Updates/Announcements
    • Public Health/Covid concerns
      • Jane – Students needing flexibility with missing class
      • Leslie – Students concerned they’ll be dismissed from campus/clinical setting
      • Megan – Students concerned with inconsistencies in public health protocols within clinical settings
    • Request for accomplishments from Lutana (beginning approx Spring ‘21)
      • GENCO- Anne Spencer was invited speaker to Japanese Society for Genetic Counseling
      • RADSCI- Leslie and John Lampignano spoke at Idaho Society of Radiologic Technologists Annual Conference in April; both invited to speak at ALATRA Annual Conference in South America via ZOOM; John holding Educator Seminar in state of Georgia in October
    • Department updates
      • KIN – Highest Fall enrollment. Looking into undergraduate self support online programs. Shawn Simonson purchasing a refurbished Dexa; need to sort out the bid process. 
      • RADSCI – All of their equipment has been updated and training completed in diagnostic lab; will need to make a change in the viewing system—working to identify free/inexpensive resources for their students. Students will be taking a field trip in October to TVAPL Lap/Osteopathic Doctorate Program; great resource with cadaver labs. Sue Antonich got an apartment in Helena, Montana; will be going fully remote by end of October. 
      • RESP – New faculty onboarded really well. Lots of department accomplishments: Several faculty publications within the program; Several students selected to present at open forum at National Congress this Fall; Lonny Ashworth awarded Emeritus status. National Congress moved to virtual. Alumni banquet is TBD; possibly move outside on the quad. 
      • GENCO – All 12 student graduates have been placed!
      • Advising – Office is now open/hybrid, but all student appointments are now virtual
  • Approval of Minutes from 8-23-21 ACTION ITEM Bob Wood send request for approval week of Sep 13
  • Committee reports: 
    • P&T  (Bob/Tyler J.) – Nothing to report
    • Grad Curriculum. (Megan)
      • Kicked off this week. Megan is now chairing. MSRC first proposal to go forward. Social Work trying to identify an individual for the cmte, but cmte will be moving forward. Asks that if any depts are aware of large changes for proposals coming through, let Megan know. Deadline for changes to be published in the Fall category is Nov 1. 
    • Undergrad Curriculum (Jane)
      • 4 new people on cmte. Meeting times have been broken up due to availability. Changes due Nov 1-7. 
    • IPE (Jen) – Meeting on Sept 27.
    • Policy (Bob/Travis A.) – Nothing to report
    • Research (Bob) – Meets Sep 10
      • Call for DA applications will be forthcoming. 
    • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy) (11:12)
      • Finalized with legal the background check policy
    • International (Leslie) – Nothing to report
    • Simulation (Leslie) – Nothing to report 
    • Communications Task Force (Kristy) – Meeting on Oct 27
    • Faculty Senate (Jane) ACTION ITEM Bob Wood check with TJ Wing to get an update
    • School Faculty Affairs (Bob/Scott M.) – Nothing to report
    • School Policy (still need  3 members)
      • Still need a Faculty and a Staff from KIN
      • Still need a Staff from RADSCI (tentatively Sue Antonich)
    • SSAA (Olga) ACTION ITEM Bob Wood add this item to next and all future agendas
      • Onboarding of Britta Ernst and Josette Bell-Bossard.
      • Thanks everyone for support with COHS Welcome BBQ; next year’s event will be scheduled on August 26, 2022 at Norco
      • Starting on required advising; students will be notified NLT Sep 21
      • BroncoTales podcast is now out on Spotify and Amazon

Old Business

    • HSRV 200 
      • Megan, Leslie, Bob meeting with Bojan (project manager). Not pursuing major construction; installing curtains instead to avoid $50-100k construction costs
    • Guidance for Faculty Self-Assessment Narratives
      • Received feedback from Jane. Announcing at Fall School Meeting. Intention is to let faculty know that we want narratives from them because it is helpful in supporting their professional development. Trying to provide guidance w/o being overly descriptive. 
    • School Meeting agenda (Wed. Sep 29th, 12-1:30pm)
      • Leslie – maybe relay any insight related to campus remaining open
    • Student Organizations 
      • Have not heard about other organizations having meetings, other than KIN Club. ACTION ITEM Dept Chairs reach out to club advisors and ask them to invite Bob to any meetings
    • Borah High School event Sept 23rd, 2021
      • School has some promo
      • Okay to bring swag and visual items
      • Identify 2 students at most to attend due to space 
      • Jen Gudapati – Recommend tuition comparison between Boise State and other schools 
      • RADSCI – Work with John Lampignano
    • Strategic Planning updates
      • Dean hiring consultant to align existing plans with University plans. ACTION ITEM Chairs – If there are items in your current plan that you’d like to remove and go in a different direction, or if there are items you’d like to add, please let Bob know ASAP. 
    • Spotlight nominations
      • Deadline for nominations is November
  • ACTION ITEM Kristy Grabert circulate spotlight nomination document 

New Business

  • Research/Scholarship Conference
    • Goal is to recognize scholarly teaching; considering paralleling this with updating our Research Conference to a “Scholarly” Conference
    • Other Items