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Executive Council Meeting: September 2022

Meeting Date

September 13, 2022

Call to Order

Facilitator: Bob Wood

Attendees: Leslie Kendrick, Jennifer Eichmeyer, Lynda Ransdell, Olga Tobenas Salinas, Megan Koster, Tina Freeman, Kristy Grabert

Approval of August Minutes-Approved


  • Grosz Lecture (9/14) – Tomorrow! Send any last minute reminders.
  • Meeting with Provost and President 9/16 – Encouraged to speak openly at the meeting with an asset based approach (goals 3 and 4, transparency, equity and inclusion, importance of Kinesiology in the School/College, to be successful we need university to engage with faculty—opportunity to visit with President and other leaders)
  • Neuroscience meeting on 9/27 at 3:00pm – Encourage faculty to attend that are interested in participate
  • Program Directors Meeting 10/7 – Goal is geared toward “aspirational” and finding common curriculum efficiencies. How do the things we do compliment each other and what might that look like if we were to put that together? If you are getting pushback from your folks on participation, encourage them to just go and talk. 
  • Reminder: Spotlight Award and Friends of Department nominations due in October (10/11) – goal is to determine awardees by November.
  • School Meeting 10/28

Old Business

  • Strategic Planning update
    • Faculty input from departments? (e.g., book read, FS course, interdisciplinary degree)
      • KIN – Faculty were not enthusiastic about the book read, would like to know more about foundational studies and interdisciplinary degree. Recommendation for a successful book read: make it a good read, should contribute to faculty professionally, consider a nice PR rollout.
      • RADSCI – Interdisciplinary courses (Health 101 and 300) concerns on taking on another course without the faculty to support; interested in FS course; SOC 101 may be relevant. Did not discuss book read.
      • RESP – Support for FS course if done well can be beneficial for potential applicants. Who’s going to teach it is important. Floated idea of text or theme, did not go well. Goal is making sure it’s done in a meaningful way.
      • Bob – Let’s pursue the FS idea with the notion of additional resources (course coordinator, social scientists, funding). Maybe we can spend some time talking about it at the Program Directors Meeting. We can have more conversions later on the other items.
    • Metrics/Progress on Strategies
      • University has not currently asked, but Bob suggests you identify different champions for each of your tactics. For those without champions should fall to the bottom of the priority list. 
      • Need to report on metrics and progress on strategies.
  • SAHS Graduate Coordinator update – Tina’s goal is for progress by the middle of November. Will begin scheduling times to train with units. Job/Graduate fair in October.

New Business

    • Plans for School Meeting 
      • Will have departments report out on important items, notable items, accomplishments. Maybe limit to 3 of each because folks tend to not remember after.
      • Will have a couple recognitions: Jane Shimon and Joe Coyle for service as Chair.
      • Consider talking about interprofessional education (FS Course brainstorming)
        • Part 1: Hear what everyone is currently doing
        • Part 2: Case study (Concussion, Critical Care, Policy Implications/Influence on Care)
      • 23-25 folks have 

Committee Reports: If Pertinent

  • College P&T (Tyler Johnson): NA
  • College Grad Curriculum. (Kristen McHenry): NA
  • College Undergrad Curriculum (Jane Shimon): See email – Nov 2 committee will need to have things approved to be in the next Falls catalog. Curricula changes must be submitted asap.
  • College Policy (Travis Armstrong): NA
  • College Research Committee (Bob Wood):NA
  • Clinical Affiliations (Cathy Masters):NA
  • International (Leslie Kendrick): Looking at the Croatia trip over spring break for students. Recruiting mechanism.
  • Simulation (Leslie Kendrick) NA Have not had a meeting in the last couple years (COVID). 
  • Communications Task Force (Robyn Hood): Encouraged to send Danya stories you’d like promoted through College or higher. 
  • School Faculty Affairs (Tim Kempf): NA 
  • School Policy (Travis Armstrong): NA 
  • School Strategic Planning Committee (Shuqi Zhang): NA


  • Advising – Training new advisors. Students will be notified on 9/20 for required advising. Of note: not all students are being moved in the system from “pre” to “enrolled”.