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Claire Conner


Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Dual Special Education, Early Childhood Special Education

Future Plans: Work in Portland, Oregon as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher while attending the University of Oregon’s Masters program for Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention.

Honored Faculty: Dr. Lisa Beymer, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Early and Special Education

Scholarships: IdahoSTARS Higher Education Grant, College of Education Dean’s Excellence Award, Wenden and Laura Waite Education Scholarship, Frances Woods Education Scholarship, Higher Education Research Council Fellowship, Hometown Challenge Scholarship, William H. & Gladys E. Langroise General Student Scholarship

When a high school instructor advised Claire to find something “respectable” to teach rather than early education, Claire set out to remind scholars that teachers are the reason academia exists and flourishes. She approaches her studies in early education and special education and leadership in Boise State student organizations with the same dedication to excellence.

When the pandemic canceled her plans to study abroad, Claire set out to challenge herself. She earned her Elementary French certificate, took on courses outside of her degree, and conducted independent research to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on early education. About these experiences she said, “What appeared to be a ‘filler’ semester taught me how to write successful grants, network to the highest positions in the state, present concisely to individuals from a range of disciplines, and advocate for my work to national conferences.”

Claire’s motivation drew her to places of important leadership. As part of the Honor Colloquium “Advocacy in Action,” she partnered with the Idaho Access Project to research disability advisory committees across the country. She co-wrote a policy brief of their findings to the City of Boise, resulting in the approval and establishment of the Cross Disability Taskforce. Claire finds meaningful work in K-12 classrooms and is a proud leader within Boise State’s Campus Crusade for Christ, or Cru, teaching connection in diversity.

Claire Conner is from Corvallis, Oregon.

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