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Grace H. Coughlin

Grace Coughlin

Hometown: Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Biology

Future Plans: Coughlin wants to apply to medical school and practice medicine while improving healthcare access.

Honored Faculty: Dr. Don Warner, Professor, Department of Chemistry

Grace Coughlin wants to be a doctor. Boise State will help her get there. Adopted by a single mother in Bonners Ferry, Coughlin’s first city experience was Boise. Now, she aspires to become a doctor and use the knowledge and skills she picked up in college to excel.

The university has been her springboard to success across the range of her interests. She conducted medicinal chemistry research and presented her work at three conferences, has co-authored a paper she’ll submit in 2021, and completed a final research project.

Coughlin has pursued mentorship positions, volunteered at the Boise VA Medical Center, directing patients to their appointments and more. All of it, she said, built her understanding and led her toward the medical field.

After a gap year following graduating from Boise State with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she’ll apply to medical schools. She’d like to practice medicine in her community and abroad, modeling the virtues of integrity and empathy she picked up during her internship while aspiring to impact people’s lives by approaching her profession with kindness and understanding

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