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Sophia Mitchell

Sophia Mitchell

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Degree: Bachelor of Science, Materials Science and Engineering

Future Plans: Mitchell plans to move to Philadelphia to work as a materials and process engineer at Boeing, and eventually earn a master’s degree in business administration and/or aerospace engineering.

Honored Faculty: Dr. Paul Davis, Surface Science Lab Manager, Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering

For two and a half years, Sophia Mitchell assisted with research in Boise State’s Surface Science Lab at the Micron School of Materials Science & Engineering, using atomic force microscopy to support a wide variety of projects.

This has made her a generalist within the field of engineering. She has worked on using DNA origami for disease detection and drug delivery, explored novel semiconductor memory devices and next-generation lithium-ion battery electrodes, and developed new alloys for aerospace and biomedical use.

She has also worked as a product developer for Boise-based company Saalt, using her materials science and supply chain skills to create female hygiene products, and move them from the product research phase to the marketplace.

Active on campus, Mitchell has served as the president and social chair of the Society of Women Engineers, an ambassador for the College of Engineering, and as a tour guide for Boise State Admissions. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering with a technical emphasis in Industrial Engineering, and plans to work as a materials and process engineer at Boeing in Philadelphia. Mitchell will also work toward a Master’s in Business Administration and/or a degree in aerospace engineering.

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