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Faculty Research Opportunities

Institute for Advancing American Values Faculty Research Grant

Submission Deadline: March 10, 2023
Maximum Award: $4,000 ($5,000 if engaging an undergraduate student or graduate assistant)

Institute description: The Institute for Advancing American Values encourages conversation between multiple viewpoints to spur engagement, understanding, and human connection. Institute activities will include: public events to encourage dialogue about central issues facing Idaho and the nation, research and projects that approach complex and contested issues through the prism of American values and evidenced-based research, and education programming supporting the development of new courses across the disciplines that chart how the values of freedom, opportunity, democracy, free expression and other values have shaped the triumphs and challenges of American life and history.

Statement on values: Everyone has values. America was formed on values—the values of equality, freedom, democracy, opportunity, free expression, and possibility. Values also come from families, religions, political parties, and economic views. Most everyone agrees that no one person’s or group’s set of values should reign. In fact, American history, in many ways, has been defined by a journey toward everyone’s right to express their values.

Call for research proposals: The Institute invites Boise State faculty to submit research proposals–ranging from public-facing scholarship to peer-reviewed research–focused on the values of freedom, opportunity, democracy, free expression and/or other enduring political, economic, and social values. In the best tradition of faculty research, projects will investigate multiple viewpoints, provide original insight, advance new knowledge or angles of analysis, and gather relevant data to answer a clear research question. By supporting such projects, the Institute will add energy to Boise State’s mission as a growing research university, an endeavor dedicated to academic freedom, and study of different ideas in service of knowledge and critical thought.

Required faculty research grant proposal information

Faculty Name:

Faculty Department:

Faculty Email:

Department Chair Printed Name:

Department Chair Signature:

  1. Please provide a narrative (250 words or less) and any supporting documents that provide the proposed research question, method, description of the project, and how it supports the mission of the Institute.
  2. Please indicate what will be the likely avenue for dissemination of the project (e.g. publication, conference presentation, community presentation). The Institute will evaluate funding requests based on their potential for such dissemination. Grant recipients will be required to submit a progress and/or post-project report within one year of the award that details the results of the project.
  3. Will this project include a student researcher? (An additional $1,000 will be included in the award to support an undergraduate student or graduate assistant.)
  4. Please provide a budget detailing planned expenses on behalf of the research project. Funds may be used for purchase of books or other materials, travel to a conference, or other activities related to the research. Please be specific in naming the expense and the estimated cost.

A multidisciplinary team will review all submissions on the basis of a projects’ clarity of research question, feasibility, impact, its connection to the mission of the Institute, and its potential for dissemination.

Please email proposals to by midnight on March 10, 2023. Decisions on funding will be made by end of March 2023.