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About Us

Our Vision

Bridging worlds to develop a new anthropology that bridges the subdisciplines within the field, connects Anthropology to other disciplines, accelerates basic science to transformative application, and integrates academic and non-academic worlds.

Our Mission

We passionately foster learning in anthropology, engage in fundamental and transformative research, and serve our community in confronting the problems faced by humankind and the planet.

Our Goals

  • Provide students exposure to anthropological methods and theories relevant to solving the major challenges to humanity, including environmental dilemmas, conflict and cooperation, and health;
  • Emphasize scientific analyses, including a balance of theory and data;
  • Realizing the STEM-related objectives of the university, producing graduates that have skills aligned to workforce needs including lifelong critical learning, data analysis and communication, and an understanding of science as inquiry;
  • Pursue funded research opportunities, bridging natural and social sciences, participating in interdisciplinary research, realizing integration across units/disciplines, and contributing to liberal education in the university.