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Individual Development Plan Instructions

Follow the instructions below to complete the IDP worksheet. To learn more about the IDP, read What is an IDP?

Tab 1. IDP Worksheet

  • Plan your path to graduation by identifying upper-division credit requirements (courses numbered 300-499). All students are required to earn a minimum of 40 upper-division credits. Contact assigned instructors or your advisor if you have questions about a course.
  • Include the semester/year you will take the course, along with the course number, title, and credits. Note any required prerequisites for each course you list.

Important Notes

(a) The 30 upper-division credits that fulfill major requirements or university foundation requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or better. (b) At least 30 upper-division credits at Boise State to meet university residency requirements. See Academic Advisement Report (AAR) & advisor for other Boise State requirements.

Tab 2. Course Learning Objectives

  • For each course listed in column F of the IDP worksheet tab, enter the course learning objective (CLOs). You can find the objectives in the Course Syllabus.
  • After entering the CLOs please return to Column F of the IDP Worksheet tab and check the associated checkbox.

Tab 3. Beginning and End of Term Reflection

  • Prior to the beginning of each semester complete the “Term Reflection” tab and indicate what you hope to learn or takeaway.
  • At the end of each semester return to the “Term Reflection” tab and reflect on what you have learned or taken away and your experiences.

Tab 4. Advisor Notes

The final tab of this sheet is for use by your advisor. If you have questions about those notes please contact your advisor.

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