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Anthropology Lab Groups

The Department of Anthropology supports a series of lab groups bringing together undergraduate, graduate students, and faculty to research topics of broad public relevance.

Students can receive 1-3 ANTH 479 Undergraduate Research credits per semester for participating in the weekly lab meetings. These upper-division anthropology elective credits can be repeated.  If you would like more information, please contact the appropriate faculty leader.

That’s Cooperation Lab Group
led by John Ziker (offered fall semester only)

Parenting, Reproduction and Mating Strategies Lab Group
led by Kristin Snopkowski

Advanced Bioanthropology Lab Group
led by Cheryl Anderson

Endocrinology of Social Relationships Lab
led by Kathryn Demps and Shelly Volsche

Evolutionary Connections of Humans and Other Species (ECHOS) Lab Group
led by Shelly Volsche

Archaeology Laboratory (offered fall semester after field school only)