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Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology in Action

Whatever their field of choice, anthropologists can change the way we view and interact with our world. There are many areas of anthropological study…

Cultural Anthropology

Examines social patterns and processes within and across cultures


Understanding the past through historical and pre-historic materials, architectural features, landscapes and remains

Biological/Physical Anthropology

The study of human and non-human primate evolution, ecology, behavior, and bio-cultural variation

Linguistic Anthropology

Studies how language reflects and influences social life

Medical Anthropology

Observing and explaining what factors influence people’s health and well-being

Forensic Anthropology

Confirming cause of death through skeletal, decomposed or unidentified human remains

Business Anthropology

Helping solve business problems through research on consumers, organizational change, and innovation

Visual Anthropology

Using photos, film, and video to describe, analyze and interpret behavior

Environmental Anthropology

Examines how people interact with, respond to and alter the environment

Museum Anthropology

Sharing lived experiences and scientific discoveries through exhibitions, educational programs, and material collections

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