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Graduate Funding

Anthropology MA and MAA graduate students have several funding opportunities available to them.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships provide financial assistance to degree-seeking graduate students through a mentored university employment experience. Under this program, you will participate in work obligations and educational and developmental activities, all of which are integrated into helping you succeed at your degree.

Graduate Assistantships Include:

  • Work obligation – work for the university is assigned by the supervisor and the student receives compensation in the form of a salary
  • Tuition and Fees – the assistantship includes payment of resident tuition and fees (non-resident fees are waived)
  • Health Insurance –  the assistantship covers full payment of the Boise State GA Group employee health insurance plan

See Policy 7170 for a complete description of the Graduate Assistantships policy.

Anthropology Department Scholarships

The department has several scholarships that are available to archaeology graduate students.  To apply for these scholarships, go to Boise State’s Financial Aid website and click on the College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships drop-down menu.  Choose Anthropology Scholarships and follow the application directions.

  • Silver Archaeological Award.  The Charlotte and Perry Silver Scholarship in Archaeological Studies award provides support of student research projects in archaeology.
  • The John and Florence Schaertl Archaeology Scholarship.  In 1992 the John and Florence Schaertl Archaeology Scholarship in archaeology was established in support of students pursuing a career in archaeology. As co-founders of the Idaho Archaeological Society, the Schaertl’s had long supported anthropology at Boise State University.
  • The Wesley Hurt Scholarship.  The Wesley R. and Mary Hurt Endowed Scholarship provides support of student research projects in archaeology.
  • The Debacker Fellowship.  In 2019 Christopher M. Debacker established this fund to help provide support to an Archaeology graduate student each year in the Boise State Anthropology Department.

WICHE In-State Tuition Fees

To see if your resident state qualifies please go to the WICHE website for more information.  See the Graduate College for more information.

Other Private and/or National Scholarships

Follow the link on the Boise State’s Financial Aid website to access other private and/or national scholarships opportunities for graduate students.

Private Scholarships