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Archaeological Excavations at 10-EL-215 near King Hill, Idaho

Excavations Near King Hill book cover

Monographs in Archaeology, Volume No. 5

by Mark G. Plew and Christopher A. Willson
ISBN:  978-0-9779515-9-6
92 pp.
with contributions by Shawn E. Roberts, Samuel W. Smith, Jeremy W. Johnson, and James H. Eschenbrenner

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During May and June of 2011 and 2012, Boise State University conducted its annual archaeological field school at site 10-EL-215. The site, which was recorded in 1981 during the survey of the proposed Wiley Dam project, is located some four miles upstream from the Clover Creek site near King Hill, Idaho. The site lies on a large open terrace that rises steeply from the south side of the Snake River Canyon. Bonneville gravels lie diagonally under the cultural deposit and are partially exposed across the surface of the site. The site is located just east of sites 10-EL-216 and 217 on property owned by the Idaho Power Company and some 3 miles south of the Clover Creek site. In 1987, the site was owned by Donald Barnhill, who reported the recovery of extensive archaeological materials including groundstone from the location. With permission of the land owner, members of the 1987 Boise State University field school excavated two 1 x 1 meter test pits.  Permission from Mr. Jerry Caven, present land owner, was granted in March 2011. A second field season was completed in 2012.