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Clementine Wright


Thesis Exhibition March 16, 2021

The work of remembering is to reintegrate parts that have been lost or seemingly destroyed by traumatic memory. Abandoned structures are monuments to lives and deaths of those passing through.  These domeciles are sinking eulogies of remembrances. Bits of detritus and debris give clues to the regret as well as the resilience in one’s life story after trauma. Themes emerging from my work and mirroring these abandoned constructions speak of female embodied wounding, traumatic memory, and the thread of shadow in failed mending practices. In my work, I am striving to visually recreate the act of repairing and making whole again.  In the spaces I create that are broken down and desolate, I mend and repair as a way to transcend and heal my bodily trauma and memory. Seeking to put back together what was figuratively ripped apart is inherently a part of the self trying to suture its own fractured frame and heal. Decay, collapse and trauma have been a framework for the female experience on a societal scale for too long in our culture and it is time for the collapse and disintegration of that system.

Eco Printed paper, found object, thread, organic materials, ink
72″ h x 24″ w x 12″d

What Remains

Found Object, cyanotype, wallpaper
96″ h x 72″ w x 8″ d

Tracing the Shadow
60″ w x 60″ h

Eco Printed paper, thread, organic material, ink, shellac, found object
72″ h x 48″ w x 12″ d